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Here are some knuckle tattoo sayings to consider avoiding:

1. BORN TO LOSE. Some will put “born” on one hand and “lose” on the other, while others will put the letter “t” on the thumb and the letter “o” on the other thumb, so that when they are placed together they are read aloud. high. said born to lose. In addition to the knuckle set for this tattoo saying that it is imperfect, the saying itself may have some negative meaning. It has been shown that the born to lose tattoo is chosen 7 times more often than a born to win tattoo for prisoners. Generally, this is a negative tattoo and when you have that idea ingrained in your skin and you see it on a daily basis, the chances of you losing in life can increase. You are constantly reinforcing to yourself that you were a loser from the start. If that’s your feeling, an alternative could be to balance it out with a “born to lose” tattoo on top and a “live to win” tattoo on the bottom.

2. LOVE – HATE. Now while knuckle tattoos in general can be unfortunate due to their constant presence on the hands and some people get tired of the constant and instant attention knuckle ink can bring, sometimes sayings can make things worse by being misunderstood. Although this traditionally symbolizes the fight between good and evil, many people still do not recognize it. This won’t and shouldn’t bother tattoo enthusiasts, but for the average ink user, love and hate can be an intense message that most don’t understand. And it has been largely played as knuckle ink.

3. OZZY. Most of the Ozzy knuckles we used a long time ago in a dull green homemade style, but there are some who want to go retro and will throw out the Ozzy tattoo for their knuckles. They probably have the same regrets that boring green-knuckle inkers have today. Following or reinvigorating a trend that seemed cool at the time, but not so much 20 years later.

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