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paddle shifters to a BMW steering wheel

Paddle shifters are a feature that lets drivers manually upshift or downshift their car’s transmission without having to reach for the gear lever. They are usually mounted on or near the steering wheel and work by sending an electronic signal to the clutch when you use one of the paddles, causing it to shift gears. While some drivers never use them, others appreciate the extra control they offer.

If you’re thinking of adding paddle shifters to your BMW, there are some things you should keep in mind. For starters, the paddle shifters will only function properly when the vehicle is in D or manual mode. This will prevent your car from accidentally shifting into higher gears that could damage the engine. You’ll also want to make sure you have the right coding for the paddles so they work correctly.

The first step to add paddle shifters to your BMW is to remove the Buy BMW steering wheels itself. This can be done with a standard wrench, although it will require some force. There’s a 16mm bolt holding the steering wheel on, so you’ll need to apply some force to get it loose. Once the wheel is removed, you’ll need to disconnect the lower and upper steering assembly.

Can you add paddle shifters to a BMW steering wheel

These are held together by clips, so it’s not as easy as just pulling them apart. Once the assembly is disconnected, you’ll need to remove the steering wheel’s airbag. This will require some force, but it’s not impossible. Once the steering assembly is removed, you’ll need to disconnect any wiring that is connected to the steering wheel. You can do this by removing the steering wheel cover, which is typically located below the instrument cluster. It’s usually held in place by a few clips, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to remove.

Getting the most out of your BMW’s paddle shifters Most people who choose to drive cars with paddle shifters do so because they enjoy the extra control and engagement they provide. They can be used to override the shift points that the carmakers program into their automatic transmissions, which gives the driver a little more power. In addition, it’s possible to get more performance out of a car by using the paddle shifters when cornering. By downshifting before a curve and upshifting as you exit it, you can gain more torque for accelerated acceleration.

You can also use paddle shifters to manage the engine rpms better by shifting into a lower gear when engine rpms start to rise too high. This can save gas by reducing the amount of time you’re at cruising speed while also prolonging the life of your brakes by allowing them to cool down.

Another advantage to using paddle shifters is the ability to downshift during a steep downhill grade, which allows you to slow down the vehicle more quickly by using engine deceleration instead of the brakes. This is especially useful in snow or mud, as it can help you avoid spinning the wheels and getting stuck.

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