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A property owner may have a great deal of information about the specifications of their home. However, learning about one’s property and closing a deal are two completely different things. Many homeowners falsely believe that for sale by owner transactions are the best option. They may choose these types of transactions to maximize profits, minimize expenses, or because they think it will be easier.

It is statistically proven that the vast majority of houses in Laval were sold with the help of a professional real estate broker, generating more significant profits. These earnings are often more than enough to cover commissions and pocket additional money. The National Association of Realtors stated in its 2013 Profile that “Foreclosed By Owner (FSBO) transactions accounted for 9% of home sales. The typical FSBO home sold for $184,000 compared to $230,000 for sales of agent-assisted housing, a difference of $46,000 – or an addition of $32,200 after agent commissions.”

For sale by owner

Disadvantages of For Sale By Owner Transactions

There are many disadvantages to not working with a professional real estate broker. Here are a few to consider.

Buyers who work with brokers sometimes avoid making offers on homes for sale by owner, narrowing the pool of potential buyers.

Most For Sale By Owner success stories involve buyers and sellers who previously knew each other.

Homes for sale by owners stay on the market an average of eight weeks longer than those listed with a broker.

Dealing with unqualified buyers can lock up homes for weeks, potentially costing you the attention of viable potential buyers.

Buyers typically pay no commission for a broker’s service, advice, and insurance protections. Many buyers are hesitant to buy without insurance protection unless they get a great deal. This contradicts For Sale by Owner’s goal of making more profit by saving on commissions.

The advantages of hiring a broker

Brokers have access to market data, keep up with the latest transactions in the community, and collaborate with homeowners eagerly looking to sell comparable properties on the market as well.

They can be sure to accurately price their home. Market analysis has repeatedly shown that homes priced right when first listed not only sell faster but also earn higher profits than those that are not.

It is the broker’s duty to take care of your business even if you are not present. He or she can show your home when you’re not available, is always ready to answer phone calls from potential buyers and their agents, and can provide valuable feedback.

Brokers have the experience to objectively assess and assess the condition of your home. They may even propose ways to improve and emphasize your value, suggesting tasks like minor renovations, cleaning, and staging.

With For Sale by Owner transactions, the seller must be present at all showings, which can make potential buyers uncomfortable. Working with a broker allows prospective buyers to relax and envision themselves in the home without the pressure of the owner on them.

Brokers have extensive marketing experience as well as partnerships with other brokers.

Being experienced negotiators, brokers can get the right price for your home.

They will guide you through all the paperwork, ensuring your compliance with regulations. They will also ensure that all deadlines are met wisely, including home inspections, appraisals, surveys, loan terms, and closing.

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