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Don’t cry … DIY

Here are some basic tips to save money and get started + a quick step-by-step

1. Assembling your centerpieces can be a fun and artistic experience, and one that gives you the opportunity to gain a full understanding of how your centerpieces and bouquets are going to interact with other decor items. I am going to make two recommendations from the beginning. If you are looking for and purchasing the various materials for your centerpieces separately, there are two places to start looking.

For. First, look up your various materials on the internet, particularly your centerpiece decorations … this is something that may be difficult to find in your area depending on where you are from or if you are looking for specialty beads, crystals, fake butterflies, or little items. common.

B. Second, you can often find the staples of your inexpensive local centerpieces such as glass vases, flower pots, filler sand, cement, artificial flowers, etc.

Save money! keep this in mind when purchasing your supplies;

  • If you permanently secure your branches in the vase, it’s fine to use regular old Portland cement. Plaster of Paris, while it sounds sophisticated, is generally a bit more expensive (especially at a craft store) and works the same way.
  • save on crystals, buy them in bulk, online and string them yourself.
  • Save money on real flowers by ordering with your nearest flower wholesaler several months in advance. Prices go up during holidays and peak periods for weddings and popular events.
  • Consider how you plan to attach your decor to the centerpiece branches. Fine fishing line is always a good choice, as is double-sided tape, fine metal wire, or small rubber or plastic bands in the same color as the centerpiece. They are often sold as hair ties at discount stores.
  • If you paint your branches yourself, use an inexpensive base coat or primer and then your premium paint for the last coat only. (this is especially useful for any metallic color)
  • Buy your branches and supplies well in advance and do your homework. when ordering centerpiece branches. You want to do it as soon as possible before the event to give yourself plenty of time to order more if needed. Sometimes it is difficult to calculate how many branches or how much branch decoration you will actually need until you assemble your first sample centerpiece.

Here’s a quick assembly guide for your DIY wedding centerpieces;

1. Tie the branches together in the desired arrangement, the centerpiece in the middle with the fillers surrounding and widening the center branch. Use flexible wire to attach the stems (or sturdy tape) and place the branches in a nice large vase or pot of your choice, a simple solution is to use a ceramic pot for the base and spray paint it in the desired color, usually something neutral black, white or left the original color.

2. Fill with sand, decorative rocks, or paris / portland cement plaster. For the wishing tree, due to its size and spaciousness and the interaction with the guests, plaster of paris or cement is recommended. Lay your branches at the base in the desired arrangement and pour the plaster of paris or cement an inch below the top of the vase or planter leaving room for a covering material (if desired).

3. Drying Easter grass, or a floral layer or potpourri on top of your filling at the base is a nice touch. If you use glass vases and filler stones, you can put a small battery-powered LED light on your vases for an amazing lighting effect.

Tip 1: For wish trees, when grouping the branches, try to do it in a way that uses the filler branches to create as much space as possible to hang the wishes.

Tip 2: The size of the base and the height of the branch is entirely up to your preference, you want the base to be as wide and heavy as possible without being over the top. For example, “An 8 to 12” wide and 6 “tall vase or pot is stable enough for a 42” wish tree set in cement. “

That’s it for now, good luck building the best DIY wedding centerpieces!

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