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Global Warming and Climate Change are widely believed to be proven scientific facts, caused by humanity’s fossil fuel emissions, especially carbon dioxide! A colossal confrontation of credibility versus cost is inevitable, global in scope, pitting world leaders against each other: the United Nations; Nobel Prize Committee; heads of all countries – against the truth of Science. The consequences of reduced economic and industrial efficiency would be enormous, as would the embarrassment of world leaders, including President Obama!

  • First came the remorse of conscience (the consequences of civilization); DDT – powerful insecticide – both good and bad; Rachel Carson’s 1962 book “Silent Spring”; some observations of apparent climate change, eg decreased smog and ice cover;
  • Then extrapolation – for principle and political benefit (rebels with many causes): save planet Earth; save the forests; protect “endangered species” on land and sea: whales, dart snails, minnows; save the environment, promote the use of “green” energy, etc.;
  • The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, established in 1988, is the highest authorized body that exhibits the ideology – the liberal world accepts the concept – in addition to all the media;
  • Climate Research Projects are financed; climatologists are responsive, recording and reporting data: the “hockey stick” graph represents the potential damage of global warming;
  • The Kyoto Protocol is convened in 1997, declared objective: combat global warming, “stabilize greenhouse gases.” [to] prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”.
  • The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to UN IPCC and Al Gore, alerting the world to the potential danger to our planet from industrial emissions of fossil fuels;
  • Obama, President, and Democrat-controlled Congress: Climate Control Act (cap-and-trade bill) passes House in 2009; shows the US aligned with the Kyoto Protocol (resistance in the Senate). China has now overtaken the US as the largest emitter of CO2.
  • Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency sets emission standards and sanctions in the US.
  • Copenhagen Conference takes place, 2009, 192 countries, all world leaders attend. Obama gives a strong endorsement: “We stand together…climate change is a serious and growing danger. You, like me, are convinced that it is a real danger…science, not fiction.” [If] uncontrolled… unacceptable risks… planet… [U.S.] largest economy, second largest emitter…intent to meet responsibility…phase out fossil fuels…bold action…legislation…clean energy. America meets commitments: reduce emissions 17% – 2020, 80% 2050… financial commitments [to 3rd world]America [pay most] Fast Start: $10 billion, 2012; $100 trillion, 2020.”
  • Then came “Climate-gate”: email leaks revealing changed, withheld and even “lost” (eg Information Act) data ignored; technical articles by scientists who challenge the database or extrapolation theory are excluded from peer-reviewed journals, etc.
  • Scientists who “doubt Thomas” are beginning to be heard: 31,072 Americans with science degrees sign a petition flatly denying claims of man-made global warming as scientific fact; calling for US rejection; The best scientists write critical articles – publication blocked (ignored by the media).
  • Then recent admissions from top UN scientists about data modifications and false projections; resignations of UN Climate Chief Dr. Yvo de Boer; the head of the IPCC, Dr. Phil Jones; etc.
  • However, belief in Climate Change is still widespread, supported by the leaders of all countries, most technical journals and the mainstream media. However, against this solid front:
  • A chorus of scientists in other fields, dismayed by the revelations, begin to speak up: righteous indignation at (what appears to be) a blatant disregard for scientific purity.
  • Mother Nature is showing her strength: The extreme winter weather of 2009-10 across the United States makes a mockery of global warming, adding ridicule to the awakening of American citizenship to the cost realities of the government and media agenda to “green ” to the United States.
  • Cost Consequence: Analyzes by financial groups expose the potential costs and job losses due to Obama’s EPA program: penalties imposed for carbon dioxide emissions and repair on millions of medium and large facilities: factories, hospitals, and even buildings of apartments; plus tens of billions of dollars as “emissions fixes” (Obama’s Copenhagen promises). Understanding grows: Even if humans cause climate change, the “cure” will be far worse than the “disease”!

World leaders, the UN, the Nobel Prize Committee, President Obama, all seem to have backed into a corner. How will it end?

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