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How Many CEUs For Nurses

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner, you might be wondering how many CEUS you need to maintain your certification. The answer to this question depends on what state you live in, and the scope of your practice. Some states require nurse practitioners to take specific courses, such as Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse, while others require nurses to complete a specific number of hours on topics like Infection Control and Pain Management.

Continuing education requirements vary by state. For example, nurses in Washington, D.C., and all U.S. territories must maintain continuing education credits to stay licensed. Depending on the state, the number of credits required and the number of years between renewals vary. Most states require nurse practitioners to take refresher courses that cover a particular topic. Other employers may require their employees to obtain a minimum number of CEUs for Nurses each year to stay on the job and maintain their license.

Nurse practitioners may opt to attend a live CE conference in order to meet their continuing education requirements. A live conference provides the added benefit of interacting with fellow nurses, networking, and learning new ideas. In addition to classroom sessions and workshops, live conferences may include a skill-based exhibit hall. However, the AANP doesn’t require a live conference for CE credit, so a free online course may be sufficient.

How Many CEUs For Nurses Do Nurse Practitioners Need to Maintain Certification?

CE providers keep records of the hours nurses complete, which they must submit to their employers for renewal. CEU providers such as Pri-Med maintain records of CE certificates and credits. Many nurse practitioners also keep their own CEU records for easy reference. They may even be required to submit CE certificates for review. But what is important is to keep these records for years. If you don’t want your employer to question your continuing education hours, you should take courses for your own professional development.

To maintain your license in New Mexico, you’ll need to take at least six hours of continuing education for your APRN licensure renewal. This is on top of the usual twenty hours required for all nurses. Those APRNs who are also licensed for compact RN licenses need to complete another five contact hours of pharmacotherapeutic CE. These hours count toward the 20 hours for all nurses. For this reason, you’ll need to keep up with these requirements if you want to reactivate your license.

If you’re looking to renew your license in Massachusetts, you should know that it requires you to obtain 15 hours of CE each year. If you’re not up to this requirement, you may be able to skip a few sessions and keep up your certification. But you’ll need to submit your completed CE certificates regularly if you want to avoid revocation. Depending on the certifying organization you belong to, your state’s requirements could be different.

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