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Handing out flyers, or “handing out flyers,” as it is sometimes known, is an effective way to promote an event, promotion, sale, or other offering in a local area. But with potentially hundreds of other companies doing the same, the way to stand out is through design.

Before even starting the design itself, consider who your target market is. This will help when choosing your layout and content. For example, if you have a sale on men’s jeans at your clothing store, your target market will be men between the ages of 16 and 30; therefore, your brochure design must appeal to that demographic.

Let’s use that as our example to follow the general design rules. You have an offer and you are targeting young men. You want your offer to appeal to them directly.

Place the offer at the top, in large, masculine, bold type. It has to stand out, which is why “30% OFF MEN’S JEANS” is concise and obvious and you should immediately take the wheel. People are always interested in a bargain and are very likely to read more if they see “30% off”.

Choosing a big, bold font will also appeal to men, they will understand, at least on a subconscious level, that this is for them. Using such a font also makes the brochure easy to read; This is vital as the people distributing your brochures only have seconds for customers to pick one up, let alone read it.

Be careful with your choice of colors, and that includes the color of the paper you choose to print your brochures or flyers for, you don’t want them to conflict. Good combinations are black on white, black on yellow, and white on black.

If you plan to use an image, choose one that appeals to your target audience (in this example a handsome man in jeans with a beautiful woman on his arm would be ideal) and make sure it is of very good quality. A bad image will give the impression that your store and its products are also of poor quality.

Also add pictures of the actual jeans on offer, priced against them, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want your brochure to appear cluttered, as this will distract from the main message.

In a smaller but no less bold font as your main message, add a unique selling point, a reason to act “now.” Good examples are “While supplies last” or “This weekend only.” This will help attract customers who thought the deal was good, but weren’t ready to call your store and buy.

Finally, make sure your store location and contact details are in the brochure. Near the bottom in a medium-sized pan is a good place for them. If there is room, and this will depend on how many images you have chosen to use, including a small map showing your location is a great idea. If people can find it quickly and easily, they will be much more likely to buy!

When creating your layout, always keep in mind the size of the paper you will be printing on. A5 is usually the right size for a brochure or flyer.

Speaking of printing, while you want good quality printing, this is one area where you can save some money.

There are a lot of companies offering cheap brochure printing and cheap brochure printing these days and many of them provide good service and excellent printing. Shop around before you commit to a printer, as you could find a real bargain.

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