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Many men want oral sex and never seem to get it. They have to practically ROAR to get it. The amazing thing is that men, once they know how to do it, can make a woman BEG and BEG for oral sex. What is the difference? If you want to change it, you MUST read these 3 powerful seduction techniques!

1st Technique.

The key to getting women to do things is not to beg, plead, force, buy, or any other form of compulsion. That’s silly!

There is only one WAY to get someone to actually do something. Make them WANT! This is the key.

How do you do that? You turn on the woman so that her attention is on sexuality.

2nd Technique.

To make her focus on sexuality, you turn her on incredibly. You get to her head and her emotions. She will love it when you change her mood from worrying about work, kids, cleaning the house, etc. to you!

Why don’t many women love sex? It’s because they’ve never had GREAT SEX. Only 30% orgasm regularly. For many it is just a drudgery, a duty!

If you turn her on incredibly, she’ll want all the FEELINGS she CAN GET. And that includes giving you hot oral sex.

One of my male clients told me that he never, ever has to ask a woman to put it in him. In fact, he told me that he wished some of them wouldn’t because they weren’t good at it. But that is another story.

The point is that you never have to ask, hint, or demand. He turns his women on so totally that they are almost out of his head. They do it because they crave every sensual thing they can put in their hands or mouth.

3rd Technique.

Okay, so men shouldn’t ask or force them to do it. And we know that men need to turn them on incredibly so that they want it later. So how do men do that?


Men need to emotionally prepare women for sex or lovemaking. They can do this by making her feel comfortable, loved, and respected. Prepare it up to 72 hours before the scheduled time of making love.

He then gets to her head by inflaming her imagination and WHAT SHE WANTS. Ask her about her unfulfilled fantasies or sexual games that she may have always wanted to explore. Take her through a “drill” describing what you will do to her. This guy I know can give women contactless orgasms about 50% of the time doing this. He is so good at making it happen!

Next, go slow and enjoy a great make-out session. Approach her breasts only after she asks you to or takes your hand. The men are going too fast and should stop and enjoy where they are. Give her some breast orgasms. If you do that, she will automatically come down and give you oral sex!

Even if that doesn’t succeed, she will be incredibly aroused and will direct you to her vagina. She slows down and plays with her clit until she has a huge orgasm. Do you think she would then she would not start rummaging through your belt?

Then, give him a big G-spot orgasm by stroking him firmly and constantly. This is the closest thing to actual intercourse, and again, she should start fingering your belt if you give her a big climax.

Keep in mind that you will have given her up to four or five different types of orgasms and your pants are still on. You think she’s not going to want your penis enough to rip your pants off?

Keep in mind that the guy in this circumstance probably hasn’t mentioned anything to you about harassing you or giving you oral sex. Not a word! Try this tonight and see what I mean!

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