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If you plan to make out with your guy or even have sex with him during the next date, you can first provoke your imagination to turn him on before the act itself.

Here are some tips on how to make your guy pant like a dog at a juicy bone.

Wear a dress that shows off your curves underneath
Men are physical creatures and a surefire way to thrill him is to wear clothes that reveal less but also spark his imagination about what lies beneath those accentuated curves.

The right dress can really fire up his imagination and you don’t need to show your skin, but just visually promise your guy what succulent organs could be underneath.

swing your hips
This simple move is sure to have your guy panting like a bloodhound after a juicy rabbit. Remember to walk away from your guy by pretending to visit the girl’s room and watch your guy sweat when you return.

tease it with your hair
If you have long hair, just try to get closer to him while talking or listening to him. Let your hair fall on it before pulling it out of the way.

This move will also arouse their passions, especially if your hair smells great. If you have short hair, you can use your arms to hold it up as you laugh at his jokes. It will easily do the trick.

let your eyes shine
When your eyes lock onto your guy’s while you’re talking to him, you want to make sure they sparkle with naughty thoughts.

One look into your twinkling eyes will mesmerize your guy and let his imagination run wild.

whisper your intentions in his ear
While dancing with him at a party or eating at a restaurant, be sure to whisper your naughty intentions in his ear.

This is sure to fire up his imagination and he may just be in a rush to make sure you follow through with your intentions.

Text him your naughty plan
You can text him naughty suggestions at regular intervals throughout the day if you plan on going out with him the next night.

You can be sure that your guy won’t be able to keep his hands off you when you get together for your date.

give him your thong
A surefire way to set her imagination on fire is to simply gift wrap your thong and present it to her.

His imagination will break all limits as he keeps picturing you in that thong and he simply won’t be able to wait until you try it on before he does.

These tips are sure to fire up your guy’s imagination and make him physically and mentally nervous, and ensure that his attention is fully focused on you during the next date.

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