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Especially in the architecture and construction industries, marketing strategies lag far behind most other industries and trades. They mostly depend on public tenders and repeat or referral deals. Although word of mouth is still considered the best marketing tool by people in the construction industries, why can’t we explore more innovative ideas to highlight the company name or brand?

But all the new techniques you choose to try will depend on your budget for that purpose. It’s pretty obvious that a lower budget would restrict you to have all the marketing weapons. But no matter what the financial plan is, there are many marketing strategies to choose from in order to gain rapid business growth and recognition. Here are some simple and effective ideas to get you started.

Online content marketing

Content marketing is the strategy of attracting and retaining customers through the consistent creation and distribution of relevant, remarkable and valuable content. Many small businesses benefit from the use of online content marketing policy. Your business experience can help you gain additional visibility and produce more work simply by conveying helpful tips and information to people via the Internet. Clients and clients would be more confident in your skills and experience and would rather have you do the job.

Existing customer references

All construction companies large and small rely on customer referrals as a useful means of generating leads and obtaining new contracts. Good and happy clients are always cooperative and have no problem recommending your name to other potential clients. Therefore, it is a good idea to encourage them to get more and more referrals by creating different reward programs, such as for each new client sent, offer them a percentage discount on the next job they sign with you.

Friendliness packages

You can plan friendliness or hospitality packages for your existing or former clients by hosting some entertainment or party day or night. You can even include the guests of former clients for a cocktail or dinner at a decent hotel. This would surely inspire them to sign up for more new jobs and attract new clients, which in turn would justify their initial investment.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most popular forms of promotion today. But sadly, the architecture and construction industry is lagging behind in terms of social media marketing. This could be helpful to get you started today as you won’t have to face stiff competition or major issues, even with the least amount of research and preparation. Everyone can easily set up some social media accounts on their own and start promoting their respective construction companies.

Framing photography

Photographic records are always very valuable and useful for later reference and souvenirs. So it’s a brilliant idea to click images with your client after a project has been successfully completed and frame them as records or post a copy on your company website for potential new customers to see. You can even present such a photo frame to the customer as a gift of honor with your company’s contact details printed on it. This act would definitely make them and others admire your work and reach out to you about your future needs.

Marketing is not a very difficult job, but it definitely requires a lot of patience. In case you fail in the first place, keep trying until you find the best and most suitable technique that works for your business.

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