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Find Out Why a Pit Bull Will or Won’t Make a Good Pet Dog

The Pit Bull Terrier is probably the most evil breed of dog in the world. Part of their slur and name comes from the fact that they can be trained to fight in dog pits. Another factor is that they are the dog of choice for many gang members. Pit Bull also seems to become synonymous with toughness and meanness. All this causes a lot of fear when most people face one of them.

One fact that not many people know is that a well-trained Pit Bull is one of the friendliest and sweetest dogs you will ever come across. Ask people what dogs have bitten or tried to bite them and I think you’ll find that most will say small dogs like poodles, chihuahuas, dachshunds and such. The reason dogs like pit bulls get a bad rap is that they can cause a lot of damage when they bite. I guess most people who bite people have been trained to be mean and aggressive. Another reason they may bite is if someone threatens them, their dog, or their human family.

Training is the key for a Pit Bull pet to become a good member of the family. My daughter has a pit bull who was among the friendliest dogs I have ever met. I’ll admit the first time I visited her after she got the dog, she was about to get up and run when she opened the back door and this huge pit bull came running at me. She told him to be nice and he immediately started walking, after making sure she was okay, instead of running. The only problem was that he kept coming at me, but I knew my daughter wouldn’t let him hurt me, so I relaxed. When she reached me, I started petting him and I could see that she was about to turn inside out, she was so happy. I was sitting on the couch and he was trying to climb onto my lap when she told him to come over to her. At that point I will have to say that my perception of Pit changed a lot.

I am convinced that a Pit Bull will make a good pet, but now I will tell you the pros and cons of why you might consider one as a pet. Once you have a good understanding of this breed, you may want to add a Pit Bull as a pet to your life.


Pit bulls are people-oriented pets. With proper and consistent training, this breed will be the life of the party.

Wells are genuinely loving. Kissing, hugging, playing games, and being on someone’s lap (even though they can weigh 50-60 pounds) are their favorite pastimes.

Pleasing the people you live with will be one of your Pit Bull pet’s favorite things. They love to make their family happy. Training a Pit can be very satisfying and may even lead you to participate in obedience competitions.

These playful pets will chase Frisbees, fetch sticks, run after balls, fight with their family members, and generally play until they drop. To say that having one is having fun is an understatement.

Enthusiasm is a Pit Bull’s middle name. They are young at heart and never outgrow their fun-loving spirit.

Tremendously athletic, the family will be challenged to keep up with this powerful breed.

Pit bulls are attractive. Their muscular and compact build turns heads wherever they go.


The breed has gotten a bad rap over the years and most people are afraid of them, so you can’t hurt their feelings when they avoid your pet Pit Bull.

Pit bulls must be well supervised around other animals. They tend to be fine unless the other animal shows aggression. At this point, you and your pet may want to say goodbye.

These dogs are the number one dogs stolen from their families in America. Don’t leave your pet outside unattended.

Pits are the Houdinis of the canine world. They can escape from most places, so families must be vigilant and determined when trying to keep their animal safe.

Especially as puppies, this breed can be a handful. It will take a sense of humor to get through puppyhood with your Pit Bull pet.

Don’t let your Pit Bull pet get bored. A bored Pit will find something to do, and it might be unacceptable to the family.

This breed is bold. They never give up. They are strong willed and their families will need to be stronger.

They need a lot of exercise, so a large yard is almost a must. Simply walking around with them is not enough exercise for them. Unless your family is very active, you may want to think about another breed.

If you want a guard dog, a Pit is not for you. They usually greet everyone who enters the family yard with joy.

All in all, this breed makes an excellent family pet. I can personally attest to this after being with my Pit Bull daughters for a while. These dogs are not what you would call a house dog. Walking them is sometimes a chore as they are strong and if they decide to go a different way you may have trouble holding them back. This is a good reason to make sure they are well trained.

One thing I noticed when taking my daughter’s dog for a walk was how much space people gave us. This upset her because she knew how kind her dog was. Another problem with not having a large yard is that if you take them to a dog park you suddenly look around and your Pit Bull is the only dog ​​in the park.

You need to make sure that you give your Pit Bull pet a lot of attention. But above all, make sure his family has the determination, self-discipline, and fortitude to train your pet thoroughly. Unless you’re planning on breeding your pet, you may want to think about spaying or neutering your pet. This will make them softer and easier to train. Remember that there are no bad dogs, only uneducated owners. Before deciding on one or the other path, visit a family that has a well-trained pit bull as a pet and you will see what I am talking about.

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