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There are 4 great reasons why you and your company should comply with ISNetworld.

1. Your company will become a safer place to work and you and your employees will benefit. Nobody likes someone else telling them how to make their workplace safer, but ISNetworld has created a system that will remind you and your employees of the dangers of your job, and we can all use a reminder from time to time. . This reminder or awareness will prevent accidents.

2. You and your company will have a marketing advantage over other companies that haven’t bothered to comply with ISNetworld. Being ISNetworld compliant can be time consuming and a bit expensive, especially if you are a small operation, but these hurdles are actually an advantage. More and more major corporations only use ISNetworld compliant companies. This means that if you are the only company that can provide x, y and z that are ISNetworld compliant, you will get the business.

3. Yes, there are costs associated with ISNetworld compliance. But these costs can often be offset by billing the costs to your customers who have referred you to subscribe to ISNetworld. If you have a client who asks you to comply with ISNetworld, you should immediately ask if you can bill some of the membership costs. Most large companies will agree because they need providers who are ISNetworld subscribers.

4. Once you are set up in ISNetworld for one client, it is very easy to qualify for a second, third and fourth client. Once you answer all the questions and upload all the forms required by ISNetworld, adding more clients to your account is easy. They may usually require one or two security programs that haven’t been loaded yet and there may be a few questions you need to answer, but it’s usually nothing that can’t be handled in a short time.

I have heard all the complaints about ISNetworld. Yes, it is an added task to your never-ending to-do list. Sole proprietorships and small businesses don’t seem to have enough time in the day to complete their daily tasks let alone take on additional responsibilities.

Just like using a doctor or lawyer when they’re needed, sometimes you need to outsource tasks that you don’t have the experience or time to complete yourself. There are companies that will manage your ISNetworld account for you that charge a very reasonable monthly fee.

ISNetworld is a good thing, and in the end, it will not only help make your business a safer place to work, it will also make your business more profitable.

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