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Increasing traffic and increasing the number of one way links or backlinks pointing to your site go hand in hand. You see, to get natural traffic from search engines, you need to rank above your competitors, let’s say the top 4 spots on the first page. Now, to accomplish this gargantuan task, especially when you are in a fairly competitive market, you need to do the right things. Your site must first of all be SEO friendly and optimized… this happens both on and off page by adding original content and using specific keywords in your title and copy which you are doing just a few. So one of the most important factors to outperform and stay ranked is to increase and keep increasing backlinks on a daily basis.

Why do I need to increase backlinks? Well, like I just said, the more backlinks you have pointing to your site from other relevant, niche-specific sites, the better you rank, therefore the increase in traffic will follow – everyone wants more traffic. So what exactly are backlinks? Backlinks are a link that points from one site to another, in this case a link that points from one site to yours. It is preferable that the site pointing to you is in the same niche or somewhat relevant and that the tag has your specific keyword. This will give your site more weight and in turn improve your search engine ranking.

Now, what does the cooperative network of digital points have to do with getting backlinks? Well, how it works is that when you sign up, you add links on your site. The more links you add to your site, the more cooperative weight you will receive; in this case, it means the more links you will get pointing to your site. This method has helped many internet and affiliate marketers to rank top and even outperform wiki, the question is how long does it stay ranked and if it could get kicked out.

Personally, I would not recommend this method to anyone trying to invest long-term in their site or running a long-term link building campaign. Might work fine on those spam blogs built for AdSense, but yeah…

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