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Pattaya’s most exciting (and some would say infamous) tourist attraction is simply called “Walking Street.” And just like other red light districts around the world, think Amsterdam’s Pijp or Mexico’s North Zone, Pattaya’s pedestrian street is filled with as much sex and sin as you’d expect from any area bounded by legal brothels and street prostitution. .

But what sets Walking Street apart from most other RLDs is the over-the-top nature of this street and the wide variety of fun and, for the most part, healthy set of activities on offer.

From the southern end of Beach Road (highlighted by a huge Samsung sign) to the Bali Hai Pier terminus, you’ll find both foreigners and Thai nationals enjoying what Walking Street has to offer from 6:00pm to 2:00pm. am, 365 days a year. This unique part of Pattaya is home to some of the best restaurants, clubs, sports bars, night clubs, go-go bars and breweries in Thailand.

Here you will find street performers, souvenir shops, and a night market filled with everything imaginable, as well as bars filled with Thailand’s most amazing ladyboys, as well as clubs with the best live music available. In short, Walking Street is a great party area.

Despite the cover that Walking Street receives for being dangerous and seedy, it is truly a friendly place where even the most timid visitors will be forced to smile at the sheer candor of the local boys and girls. Pickpockets and bar scams are rife, but no more than in any other nightlife area in Thailand, so Walking Street is not a place to be avoided (but it should be a place where you keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times) ) .

And the once notorious MapJack geomapping company has stopped photographing Walking Street street views that included images like tourists, men wildly dancing in the street with, well, street women. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to be on the lookout for spontaneous cameras that take images that end up on the Internet.

But for camera-clicking tourists, Walking Street’s neo signs and views offer a kaleidoscope of photographic possibilities. From the glittering front door to the ocean waters reflecting the twinkling lights of Walking Street, there are images to enjoy like no other. The entire street turns into a pedestrian mall at night, and unlike Amsterdam’s eye-catching shop windows, there’s nothing wrong with taking photos here.

Walking Street’s best-of-the-best includes the following: For clubbing, Mixx at the southern end (located in Bali Hai Plaza, 3rd floor) has great music and a separate hip-hop room for visiting DJs; And for an adult couples bar (where the entire club isn’t packed with lecherous male patrons), try the Anglewitch Club.

For the best go-go bars, check out What’s Up Agogo, Heavens Above, or the Beach Club. If it’s a date you’re looking for, dates abound in the Lucifer or Insomnia clubs. And for a new twist, try one of the many online Thai dating websites, where you can get a date before you even set foot on Walking Street.

One of the most exciting new clubs on Walking Street is the Casino Club with its lineup of singing and dancing Coyote Girls. This style of bar dancing was made famous by the 2000 film “Coyote Ugly,” which starred Piper Perabo and John Goodman in the story of an aspiring singer who comes out of her shell to provoke the men singing above the bar. , while serving drinks. during the routine. Well, none of the girls at the Casino Club will get a Grammy for Best New Singer, but they’ll annoy anyone who comes within their reach.

And for any club that puts on a show, Coyote or not, here’s some advice: Get a table or chair on the main floor closest to the stage, and don’t be afraid to tip 100 baht for that privilege. Also, ask for the common “you buy a bottle of booze at the door and all gate fees are waived for your party” deal.

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