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Letting it all hang out takes on a literal meaning when a man is into nudism. Although exact numbers are hard to come by (the American Association for Nudist Recreation lists about 213,000), it seems that interest in nudism is growing. And there are many men who claim that there are penile health benefits to a no-clothes lifestyle. For those interested in how nudity could improve penile health, the following information should be helpful.

not so healthy

First, however, it is important to recognize some detriment to penile health that can occur if a man indulges in nudist activities. Probably what most often comes to mind is having a sunburned penis. And that is a very real possibility. Because the penis is usually kept hidden, it receives very little sunlight, making the skin of the penis much more sensitive to sunlight, especially when first exposed to the outdoors. Men should make sure not to let their penis (and testicles) spend too much time in direct sunlight, and to use a good sunscreen when doing so.

Nudist men should also be careful around plants like poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac and take steps to protect their penis from these and similar plants.

penile health benefits

But what about the benefits of nudism for penile health? There are many.

– It can reduce the smell of the penis. One of the most common problems men face is persistent and unattractive penis odor. A bit of a musky scent can be attractive to a partner, but when the scent is overwhelmed by sweat, bacteria, and other odors, it can put off cuddling. Ventilating the penis by practicing nudity can help combat penis odor, and with less sweat accumulating from underwear and pants, penis odor is less likely to return.

– The skin of the penis can be healthier. Adequate exposure to sunlight means that the skin of the penis absorbs vitamin D, as well as accumulating natural moisture that helps keep the skin vibrant and alive. Also, even soft clothing can sometimes rub the skin of the penis in the wrong way, creating a chafing or even ripping situation. Plus, penile skin that’s exposed to fresh air is less likely to be embarrassingly itchy.

– Better rest makes a louder penis. Millions of people have significant trouble sleeping, and getting enough sleep is one of the most common reasons a man experiences erection difficulties. In general, the longer the man stays, the rarer it is for the penis to leave. In many cases, inadequate sleep has to do with feeling overheated while sleeping, which is less of a problem if you sleep naked.

– Blood is circulated. Many theorize that exposing the body to fresh air helps improve blood circulation. This is excellent for general health and penile health in particular. Increased circulation improves blood flow, which is essential for erectile function.

– Self-esteem can rise. Many people interested in nudism worry that their bodies are too imperfect to expose to others. A man may feel self-conscious about his weight or may worry that his “gear” will not compare favorably with other men’s. In fact, most people who regularly engage in nudism find that they feel much more comfortable with their own bodies and come to appreciate their beauty. This can also translate to greater self-confidence in the bedroom.

In fact, nudism can help improve penile health, but nudism alone is not the answer. Men need to regularly apply a top penis health cream. (Health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be gentle and safe for skin.) It works best if the cream is loaded with vitamins, especially vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E. Men should make sure the cream also includes L-arginine, an amino acid that can help keep the blood vessels of the penis open. penis to increase blood. flow.

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