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We are in a unique moment that this nation and the world have never seen in our lifetime. Government dictates to close businesses, churches and social gatherings. Fear of personal safety. Staying in their own house and not even attending family barbecues or our normal family gatherings.

Yes, this is a unique moment in history. We are doing things that most people have never considered before.

Businesses have moved to the Internet. Zoom and Skype meetings are now common. Graduations are being held virtually. Even those large family dinners that would normally bring guests from far flung places into our homes for a visit are being held virtually.

College, high school, and other classes have moved online instead of in person. All these things have good and bad attributes. Lack of socialization is one. Lack of personal connections. Lack of privacy that we had taken for granted. Trying to learn how to do things online that we never thought we’d be doing.

All these things make people want to talk. Need to communicate. Waiting for new things to stay connected.

Enter the realm of the podcast for this day and time in which we now live.

If you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast, this is a unique moment in online history! You now have the ability to tell your story and impact people around the world. You are in a position right now to help people through audio and video communications that have never existed before on such a large scale.

Many people are finding that they need to try to make money online. Their traditional jobs are shutting down, downsizing, and may never return to normal. They need to learn to supplement the family budget. They need to learn to do things for themselves. They need to learn how to teach their young children at home. They need you!

Think about how you could impact someone right now using online technology. You have a skill set that someone needs, right now! You have the ability to offer your services and knowledge to someone you may never meet in person. And in this day and time that we find ourselves, they are more open to hiring you to help them online than at any time in recent memory!

A podcast can be audio or video. (Most podcasts are audio only. But video is becoming more popular.) You can share training tips in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. You record this information and then share it with those who find you online.

By using a podcast hosting platform, you’ll be able to share the links to your training with whoever wants to hear what you’re talking about. All from the comfort of your own home.

You can monetize your podcast by charging for access. As long as what you provide is quality content that someone wants to pay for, there’s nothing wrong with making some extra money to help them out.

You really need to consider podcasting as a viable alternative to meetings, trainings, and face-to-face meetings right now. Podcasting will allow you to make and keep your connections, impact others in a positive way, and stay safe at the same time.

Think about starting a podcast today!

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