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I’m a cat owner, so I know what it’s like to be attached to a furry little companion. I’ve also volunteered at an animal shelter, so I’ve had the chance to see what it’s like to make the decision to relinquish your pet. Nine times out of ten the decision is not easy. But I still understand some of the reasons people have for giving up their cat. These are just some of those reasons.

Moving – Most of the time, the decision comes down to something as simple as having to move but not being able to take your cat with you. Let’s say you get a job in another city and have to move, but the only apartment you can find doesn’t allow pets. It all boils down to having to give up your cat, assuming you can’t find a family member to take care of it until you can find another pet-friendly apartment.

Lifestyle change: Let’s say you’re having a baby, but know that your cat is the curious and active type, enough to scratch and bite just about anything. This is a danger to your newborn baby, just as it is to your cat, so the option remains to have to look after your child’s well-being. Another example is if you have a medical condition where you can no longer care for your cat. These are perfectly reasonable situations to take your cat to a shelter.

Behavior issues: Other times you find that a cat’s negative behaviors don’t go away over time, but instead get worse. It is quite common to have a cat that meows loudly in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, leading to sleepless nights and general discomfort and dissatisfaction with your pet. The time needed to train the cat may not be available or the money required may be more than you can afford, so the only option left is to put it up for adoption. This isn’t a matter of being lazy, it’s just a matter of checking priorities. If you have two jobs and you need to sleep, but you don’t have time during the day to spend with your cat, which leads you to disturb your cat at night and you need to place the cat in a new home, a home that you can spend the necessary time. for you cat, it just makes sense.

Given the choice, most cat owners would always choose to keep their felines close to rain or shine. But we don’t always have that luxury. Keep an open mind about pet owners giving up their cats, as it could be a situation you encounter later in life.

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