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If a child shows symptoms and signs of autism, the symptoms will be evident before the child is three years old. The symptoms will manifest in three different ways: First, the child will have difficulties in communicating and relating to others. Second, the child will have difficulty learning to speak and hold conversations. Third, the child will have many withdrawn or repetitive behaviors. If a parent notices mild signs of autism, they should take their child to a doctor as soon as possible for evaluation. The sooner autism is diagnosed and treated, the better life will be for the affected child and her family.

First, let’s talk about the social symptoms and signs of autism. An autistic child will make little eye contact with others. Even if they make eye contact, they won’t hold it for long. If spoken to directly, a child displaying symptoms and signs of autism will generally not look up, even if called by her name. They may seem not to be paying attention to the person who is speaking, or they may not seem to be aware that the person is present.

Children who show mild signs of autism often seem to be in their own world. They often don’t pick up on body language. Children who show symptoms and signs of autism have trouble understanding different emotions. They have no sense of other people’s feelings. Children who show mild signs of autism will turn inward. They do not like to be touched, hugged or held. This is because they are very sensitive to people or things that touch them.

Next, let’s talk about the symptoms and signs of autism related to speech and language. Children who show mild symptoms of autism lag far behind their peers in acquiring speaking skills. If children aren’t babbling by 12 months or saying two- or three-word phrases by two years, they may be showing signs and symptoms of autism. Another common symptom of autism occurs when children forget words or phrases that they might have said before.

Another symptom appears in the child’s tone of voice. Children who show symptoms and signs of autism often speak like a robot, saying everything in the same tone of voice. Other times, they may sound like they’re singing along to everything they say instead of actually saying it. Children who show signs of mild autism have a lot of trouble starting a conversation. Even if they can start one, they won’t be able to sustain it.

Another mild symptom of autism is repeating certain words over and over again. These words can be completely meaningless. The child often does not even know what these words or phrases mean or understand how to use them in a sentence. Finally, let’s describe the symptoms and signs of autism that are related to repetitive or stressful behaviors. One of the most common symptoms is called “flutter.” This is when a child waves his hand or an object back and forth very quickly in his face.

Autistic children may fall in love with ordinary objects, especially if they spin, move quickly, or have bright colors. Autistic children also tend to rock back and forth a lot, especially when they get anxious or experience emotions they don’t understand. They form specific routines from which they do not deviate. When routines are interrupted for any reason, the child becomes very nervous. Children who show signs and symptoms of autism can be very upset by bright lights, certain sounds, such as the vacuum cleaner, and things that touch their skin. They have a very high tolerance for bread.

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