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What are the signs that you will give when an ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you?

What signs are green lights telling you to go ahead? What are the false positives that tell you to stop? Understanding the difference could spell success or disaster when it comes to fixing an unwanted breakup.

There are a lot of signals that a girl can give off when she still loves you.

Some are easy to spot. Others are much more subtle. But it is not enough to recognize them, you also have to know what each of these signs means. Knowing those answers can mean the difference between getting back together or pushing you and your ex-girlfriend further apart.

The most important signs of an ex girlfriend

Timing is everything. By working to get back together, you can’t take any unwanted actions. You need to know what to do and, more importantly, when to do it. You also need to know when it’s time to stay behind and leave her with her, so your ex can start missing you again.

In the meantime, you may recognize the following as signs that, at the very least, your ex is still thinking about you:

She stays as a friend with you on Facebook

It’s not uncommon these days to challenge yourself after a breakup. So when is an ex still your friend? It is because you want to keep track of what you are doing.

This is a pretty obvious sign that you’re not 100% ready to let it go yet. Also, sometimes an ex will challenge you but will still be friends with some of your friends or family. This way, it can still stalk some of the things that you are doing indirectly.

Your ex still talks to your friends

A more obvious ploy. Unless you shared these friends before you started dating, there really is no reason for your ex-girlfriend to stay in touch with YOUR friends.

Now sometimes you will try to justify this. “I made these friends through you … I’m not just going to throw them away.” That’s a lame argument and she probably knows it. After all, you won’t keep in touch with his friends (right?)

She still talks about the breakup

An ex who wants the breakup to be permanent will avoid talking about it, especially if she knows you still have feelings for her. So if he keeps bringing up the breakup when he talks to you? It’s probably because you’re feeling bad.

Breaking up was a big step. Before even thinking about being with you again, she must make sure that you want the same. I could mention how stupid the breakup was or how often you fought, or I could even take some responsibility and say “yeah, it was more or less my fault.” These are all good signs that he still has feelings for you. Be on the lookout for things like this.

Your ex asks about your family

Did you go out for a while? If so, your girlfriend probably got involved in your family (and you in hers). So if you are asking how is your mom or your sister or whoever? It could be innocent. It could be that your ex is just curious.

That said, it could also be a sign: He’s using your family as a level to smoothly work his way back into your life.

The key here is frequency. How often does he ask you about your family life? If it’s a lot, it’s because she still cares what her family thinks of her. And if she still cares about that, your ex still see a potential future with youand you want to keep those doors open.

Your ex keeps showing up in places you frequent

You have to be careful here, because you don’t want to read anything. It’s easy to want her back so much that you’re willing to take just about anything as a sign that she wants you back.

In the same way, if your ex girlfriend keeps showing up in places, do you know who you will be? She could be making a statement. Especially if it looks exceptionally good, like it wants to make you jealous.

In a scenario like this, you have to play it easy. Talk to her if she gets close to you, but don’t go out of your way to make contact. You can’t ignore her completely either, or you’ll look like an abandoned coward. A firm, confident nod (and the slightest hint of a smile) will go a long way toward recognizing her without shaking hands.

Your drunk ex girlfriend calls you

Another big one. An ex who calls you because he is drunk is approaching at a time when he is most vulnerable. You are also likely to hear the truth about how you feel, if you take this phone call.

Alcohol is the great equalizer. Whatever feelings and emotional connections your girlfriend may have buried, they surface when she’s intoxicated. He buried those things to stay strong; otherwise, she might be tempted to get back with you. But being drunk? You are letting your true feelings be known.

Don’t talk too much here: let her do the talking. Pay close attention to the things he says, because it is very possible that there are several clues as to how much he still loves you. These will be things that you can use later, during the reconnection phase to get back together.

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