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There are many good reasons to outsource. The most compelling reasons usually have to do with the bottom line, and the top two reasons fall into that category.

1. You save money!

You spend less on hourly wages because you only pay for the actual time someone spent working on the project.

You save a lot of money on benefits, because you don’t pay for medical, dental, or any other benefits your company may offer its employees.

It does not pay time off for sick days or vacations.

You do not pay for a temporary employee to fill in for your paralegal while you are away.

Save money on rent because you don’t need additional work space.

Save money on office supplies, equipment purchases and repairs.

You save money on taxes, because you are paying for a service, not for an employee.

2. You make money!

You can bill the customer for the time the outsourcing service bills you, and then some.

If the outsourcing service charges you $75 per hour for the paralegal service, you can bill your client the going rate for paralegals at your firm and make a nice profit.

I know of some attorneys who choose not to bill for outsourced paralegal time. Instead, they charge for that time as if they did the work themselves.

3. Clients will love seeing paralegal fees on their bill compared to the higher fees of an attorney for the same work. They feel they are being treated fairly. As long as you review the subcontracted work, you are saving the client money and ensuring top-notch work.

4. You have time for more important tasks, like marketing and increasing your profits.

The best way to increase your profits is to keep the customers you have happy and get new customers.

You keep customers happy by doing a good job and maintaining a relationship with them, which usually means face-to-face time or phone conversations, which only you can do.

The way to get more customers is by promoting yourself or your company. There is no substitute for the work it takes to go out and market. Again, face-to-face contact is vitally important, and this is something that only you can do.

5. No HR headaches.

Stop wasting time and money posting ads, reviewing resumes, and interviewing potential employees.

And forget about potential personality issues. The outsourced paralegal works from home and emails the completed work product to you for your review.

6. Less time and energy spent on taxes and payroll paperwork.

In fact, you don’t spend time on taxes or payroll. The money you pay to an outsourcing company is a business expense.

Outsourcing may not be for everyone, but it is for anyone who wants to reduce their HR headaches, increase their profits, and create time for marketing strategies that can grow their business.

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