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Kottayam, a place in the already popular emerald state of India, Kerala, has recently started to become one of the main tourist attractions in the state. A major player in the literary and cultural landscape of the state, this place boasts impressive historical importance to be displayed in all its extravagance and pomp. Kottayam is famous for the various spices freshly dried in the pan. So once here, you can fill your coffins with the best spices in the country. However, there is much more to Kottayam than spices.

Places in Kottayam

This place is heavily influenced by Syrian Christianity. As such, the places in Kottayam worth visiting are the churches and cathedrals here. Here you will find immense peace and serenity. Another striking natural spot, with some associated religious connections, is Vennimala or Victory Hill. However, it is 15km from the main town. Matrumala, Kallara and Alapra are three other serene and peaceful places worth visiting in Kottayam. These three places are villages, surrounded by lush green forests on all sides. Alapra is best known for the Padayani festival, Ponthanpuzha forest, Ottupara viewpoint, and the Manimala River.

Aside from the serenity, your senses will find a boost with a visit to the waterfalls, caves, and muniyaras found here. When we talk about caves, Kurinji Koomban is a famous site that you must visit. It is amazing how this place is dotted with several small caves and fissures. For those who come here to sample raw Keralian culture, Kundamaloor would seem like a paradise. It shows the chain of authenticity and heritage of the peoples of Kerala. It is more basically called Heritage Heartland by visitors.

Accommodation in Kottayam

When we go south, one thing we remember is the relaxing herbal massages and Ayurvedic centers. Well, that is what is almost compulsively included in the best residential accommodation in Kpttayam. Athreya Ayurvedic Resort, Chamundi hill Ayurvedic Resort and Lake Village Heritage Resort are the top three hotels, winning the hearts of tourists with their location and service. Certainly a bit heavy on the pocketbook, these resorts still manage to justify their claims! However, this not all! There are also low-cost accommodations in Kottayam, for those who want to save a little more for sightseeing and dining! The cuisine here is simply all coconut and banana! Authentic South India! That’s exactly what this place could be called!

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