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Many kids who want to shoot better know that it takes a lot of practice. Coaches will tell you to take 100 shots a day every day. There is nothing wrong with that advice because it has been proven to work and everyone knows someone or read about a player who has done just that and developed a great shot.

My own children have too. Going to Peewee level hockey, my son was seriously determined to improve his shooting. So he decided to track all his shots and logged over 10,000 shots, and his shot definitely improved, in the garage. Going from shooting from the garage to shooting on the ice continued to prove to be a major challenge for my son.

After seeing what my son went through, I decided that it made perfect sense to invest in synthetic ice. Over time, encouraged by the results of my own children, I began to sell synthetic ice and now I market, distribute and sell it all over the world. What my experience with my own children showed me was that it wasn’t necessarily practice that makes perfect, it was having the right tools combined with practice that makes perfect. Buying the kids synthetic ice for home training certainly made a difference.

Once my son had synthetic ice at home, his world changed. He became the best skater on any team he played for and went from average puck skill to a player with excellent puck skills and a new level of confidence. Skating on synthetic ice allowed him to duplicate exactly at home what his body mechanics would be like in the sand. Some kids just pick things up naturally and find it easy. My son had to work very hard to achieve all his improvements. You now have skills and abilities that will serve you while you play hockey, and you keep working at it. He now plays junior hockey and his skating and puck skills as offensive-minded defenders really show up. Meanwhile, my daughter was recruited during hockey camp last year to attend a private hockey school and was offered a very generous scholarship to do so. Certainly, there are those who would think that investing in synthetic ice would not be worth it. Well, we certainly know something different now.

An investment of three or four thousand dollars in synthetic ice seems like a lot of money to most people, and it is. The initial investment in synthetic ice was repeated many times in my daughter’s case. We didn’t see it coming and we weren’t expecting it. Showing significant improvement in individual skills certainly has great value. For me it was the sheer excitement and satisfaction that comes from being a proud parent to see children continually improve. It was the thrill that comes from setting athletic goals and then achieving them. Before the synthetic ice experience, there were many frustrating moments for both children and parents!

The reality is that sports cost money. Rightly or wrongly, parents have high expectations for our athletic children. So maybe you put off your kitchen renovation or buy that new car and seriously think about investing in a small acreage of synthetic ice for home use. Do your research and buy a good quality product. Spend the extra money to make sure your child will like it and then use it. You will see immediate returns. Your child will have fun and get better quickly, and then, like me, you will wonder why you waited so long.

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