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Choosing an anniversary gift for your wife is a daunting experience for most men. If the hapless man has no idea what women really want, then the battle is lost before he even begins. So instead of the red roses and sentimental handwritten card you’ve been secretly hoping for (if finances are tight) or, at the very least, a diamond anniversary ring (when things are good), if you’re presented with a processor of food, then, well, things won’t look too bright on the domestic horizon.

If you want to go down in history as the most romantic husband a wife could wish for, then absolutely stay away from these The 10 Worst Anniversary Gift Ideas. Read on to find out all about anniversary etiquette and master the fine art of giving gifts to that special woman.

1. Anything that can be plugged in. This covers the spectrum from hair dryers to food processors to vacuum cleaners. The only year you can get away with giving him an electronic gadget is the fourth anniversary year, which has electrical gadgets as a contemporary gift. And that, again, must be worth an anniversary.

2. Sports equipment. This is not rocket science. Scales (worst offenders), treadmills, stationary bikes and the like are better off where they belong: in a gym or home workout area. Giving her something even remotely suggestive of “weight gain” can put her out of favor for quite some time. And trust us, there’s nothing romantic about making her sweat, at least not like this!

3. Get something that masquerades as your gift where it actually is what you’ve been longing for. A big no-no. Do you have your eye on that camping gear or that high-tech video game? Getting it for her wife, especially if she’s not half as geeky as you, will earn her little more than a raised eyebrow and an icy smile.

4. A cheap card/gift bought on the high street. Nothing smacks of last-minute recall like a hastily bought card and gift that silently but loudly proclaim your mistake. A flashy bracelet, a cheaply packaged perfume with the price tag still attached can be a blow to your vanity, ego and feelings.

5. Repeating last year’s gift Let’s be honest. Sure she loved that designer perfume/purse/bracelet you gave her last year, but not so much that she’s ecstatic with delight at receiving them again this year too. It’s dejavu, okay, but it’s pretty uninspiring, trust us. Whether you admit it or not, your anniversary gift is highly anticipated and anticipated. So don’t let her down.

6. Really sleazy gifts, and we mean really sleazy. Couples don’t always share the same tastes or passions, and giving her something that tickles your fancy but leaves her cold isn’t the best way to usher in warmth and a rosy glow on your anniversary day.

7. Give her the same gift you plan to give your sister or mother on her birthday. This has to be the granddaddy of all missteps. Okay, you adore your mom and sister, but your wife is in a whole different league, or didn’t you notice? What if (God forbid) there is a mix-up?

8. Then there are those beauty products that do more harm than good. These include anti-aging creams, shampoos and conditioners that prevent hair loss, anti-wrinkle night creams, or (shock and horror) a wig. If the world of makeup and beauty enhancements is a strange world for you, here’s some sage advice: stay away.

9. Household items. This roughly translates to an ironing board, a laundry basket, a year’s supply of dishwashing liquid, or even a book on ‘How to Make the Perfect Cakes’.

10.Mints and mouthwashes. She will wonder ‘Is there a clue there?’ Needless to add, this is the fastest way to ensure that a romantic mood crumbles faster than a cookie.

So, all you men, leave her speechless, but for good reason!

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