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Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the marketing mix for ecommerce companies, one should know what a marketing mix means. A marketing mix is ​​a combination of factors that a company can control to influence consumers to buy its products.

Here are some factors that are the key ingredients for a successful marketing mix:

user experience

In digital marketing there is no such thing as the luxury of an in-person conversation, so all you can do is fill the gaps in the customer experience with a great user experience. The rise of smartphones has changed the way people view, shop, and interact online. Therefore, it becomes necessary for an eCommerce business to optimize their site for smartphone devices in order to convert potential viewers into customers. Since user experience is an important step in a strong content strategy, it needs to be done right. Otherwise, the entire strategy will fall apart before it even gets off the ground.


Good content isn’t about embedding keywords, it’s about making it understandable to a potential customer. It not only helps sell your business, but also your expertise and products. Content writers need to write in a conversational tone, anticipate user questions and needs, and place more emphasis on long-tail keywords.

Look for

If you want your business to thrive, search engine marketing and search engine optimization are necessary for your business visibility. Knowing how to make your website searchable should be your first priority. Each search engine has its own algorithm. The web page you create should have everything that is required in that particular algorithm.

social media

Social media presence is relevant to all eCommerce businesses. With the rise of Facebook and Google, social networks are an area that cannot be underestimated. Facebook recently declared India as its largest market with over 241 million active users, more than the United States. A newspaper ad can put you in touch with, say, 500-1000 people, but a single post on a social networking site can put you in touch with millions!

public relations and advertising

Before social media, public relations and advertising were the only ways to sell your products. And it’s still going to be there for a significant amount of time. Public relations can be a great asset to small businesses. It can be very successful in terms of increasing brand awareness. While modern marketing has certainly changed best practices, one thing has remained constant: there’s always the opportunity to tell a better brand story to a broader audience. As a result, public relations may play a significant role in content marketing for the foreseeable future.

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