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In the movie, old Rose is the one telling the story. The story began when Jack Dawson won tickets to be aboard the RMS Titanic after playing a card game. That same night, Jack saw a woman run that step in front of him. He followed the woman and realized that she is about to end her life. Fortunately, Jack manages to talk about her through her and prevent her from committing suicide. The woman is Rose Dewitt Bukater. She then invited him into the party which is exclusively for First Class passengers. There she explained why she wants to end her life and it is because her family decided that she would have an arranged marriage with a rich man named Caledon Hockley. As Rose wants to run away from her problem, she always meets Jack and so she experiences what it feels like to be with third-class passengers and be like them. While she was with the third class passengers, she felt important because the third class passengers welcomed her and treated Rose as her equal. She arrived the next day and it is the last day that the ship and more than half of the passengers had seen. None of them expected an iceberg to collide and cause the unsinkable ship to sink to the bottom of the ocean. First class passengers were the first to board the ships, while passengers in other classes are locked in their corridors. Cal at that time tried to bribe the ship’s officers to let him get to a boat as fast as they could. Although Cal has already managed to travel on a boat, Rose went back inside the ship and tried to find Jack, who had been locked away by one of Cal’s minions. She manages to save him and they both made it to the top of the ship. but they didn’t get a boat because the boats are already taken. After some time, the ship breaks into two parts, and then manages to completely sink into the depths of the ocean. Jack found a wooden door floating near them. He picked Rose up and placed her on top of the floating door. Jack then tried to climb on the door as well, but the door would cave in if he tried, so Jack decided to let Rose climb on the door. After several minutes, only one boat from the sinking ship returned and luckily saw Rose, but Jack had already passed away due to the cold of the ocean.

Taking into account the Marxist critical approach, the film clearly shows the social classes that are happening in the world. In all parts of the film, the entire ship gives priority to first-class passengers. Even as the ship was sinking, officers gave first-class passengers priority and even locked up third-class passengers to prevent them from trying to get out. More often than not, in the film, some of the first class passengers criticize other passengers like Ruth, Rose’s mother, and Cal, who judged all the third class passengers, including Jack. But when they were put to the test, he really showed what kind of attitude they have. Cal, who did his best to get a boat safely and thought to save other lives. Rose, for her part, showed the other side of a rich person. She symbolizes that love can change a person’s attitude. In the flow of the story, it was shown how Rose understood the hearts of the poor and even risked her own life trying to save her love. Ultimately, Jack represented the poor in our social position, but he had no hesitation and saved Rose’s life in the end without considering her own life.

Titanic is really a very well done movie. It has great effects, great actors and actresses, cinematography, music and story that show the types of social classes well. He clearly demonstrated that each person’s attitude is neither fixed nor unshakeable. The film showed the types of people and how they would react to a disaster. Jack’s line “I am the King of the World” really is the correct term for him because he is a worthy king due to his attitude that he will never leave his own love in any trouble and is willing to sacrifice his own life to save his life. love.

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