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What is the real difference between a man and a woman?

Other than physically?

is it hormone?

Is this how women think?

What about how women FEEL emotions?

When it comes to dating women, getting them to FEEL that thrill and sensation called attraction, men and women could NOT be more different.

I’ll explain why understanding this ONE difference can take your game to a whole new level.

Let’s talk about “Joe The Plumber” for a second. No, not THAT guy, but another guy named Joe the Plumber. Now all jokes aside, “Joe” grew up in a world when he was a kid watching TV, movies, and listening to MP3s about all sorts of things.

At some point, he grew up believing that in order for a girl to like him he had to do the following:

has. Print it.

b. CONVINCE HER that he was a great guy.

against Buy your stuff.

d. He tries to explain why the other guy was NOT good for her.

me. Be a good boy.

F. Be a gentleman.

And yet, in the long run, none of them worked for him. Even in the short term they didn’t seem to work. What “Joe” did NOT understand was HOW women get this emotional feeling that they LIKE IT.

As men, we are EASY to understand. Women can read us like a book when it comes to attraction. Why? Because most men just have to SEE a beautiful woman and they are attracted.

With women it is much more complicated. But there are ways to simplify it by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable parts. Now, you’re probably not going to believe this when I say that women don’t give 1/10 as much importance to physical appearance as men do.

In fact, an UGLY man who is very skilled at flirting can learn to change SOME women just by standing his ground. What I mean by this is that when she initially looked at you, she may have thought “this guy is not my type”, HOWEVER, after spending just a few minutes talking to you, she can’t wait for you to kiss her.

WHY the change?

What happened?

Easy. The guy understood how women are attracted to men. It’s not just ONE thing.

It has to do with the way you look at her (hint: don’t WAY her with your eyes because that will make her feel like a creepy guy and make her want to run away from you).

It has to do with how RELAXED you are with her (like you’ve known her for a long time).

It’s all about learning basic conversation skills (hint: a lot of guys think they have to spend hours entertaining women and coming up with all sorts of neat routines and clever lines when nothing could be further from the truth).

You’d be surprised how NORMAL, but FUN a conversation can be if you just do a few things. It has to do with getting close (hint: no matter what ANYONE says, you can’t get better with women unless you get close. Think of it as a martial art. The more you do it, the better you do, it’s really nothing.) more complicated than that. Those of you who GET this will start seeing better results in 30 days or LESS).

How do I know all this?

Well, I have. He used to be so shy that he couldn’t even look a woman in the eye. I have also shown thousands of men in other countries around the world how to up their game (I have a ton of emails to prove it). Stop the madness man.

Stop buying women drinks.

Stop complimenting them on their looks (at least not to begin with).

Stop thinking that ONE particular woman is “the one” unless you’ve known her for years and she’s PROVEN her worth to you.

Stop focusing on ONE method or way to flirt (hint: there are thousands of different ways to flirt with women).

You know, my friend Vice has noticed some really HOT women having crazy frame control. My friend Minor has noticed some incredibly hot model types for being a fun guy.

A student of mine named Jason catches his mixed classmates being incredibly sweet and smiling a lot. My point here is that pretty much anything will work IF YOU BELIEVE IT WILL WORK.

I swear on my goldfish grave that if you can do the following things CONSTANTLY, you will be blown away at how quickly you will get good at meeting and dating girls:

1. Read a lot – Did you know that more books, magazines, blogs, websites, etc. What do you read (not videos, but you actually READ and exercise your brain) that will NATURALLY come up with more topics to talk about with women?

2. Approach like there’s no tomorrow: If you can approach even ONE woman a day for 39 days straight without missing a day, will you have improved your flirting skills more than about 90-92% of the male population?

I can write that with confidence because very FEW men approach 39 women a year, let alone in 39 days (hint: for best results, add one extra approach per day per week).

3. Force yourself to do something that scares you: for me it was public speaking. Once I forced myself to do that, approaching girls wasn’t too bad. One of my friends forced himself to ask his boss for a raise even though he scared the hell out of him. But he challenged himself and you know? In fact, he also got a raise.

4. Go to cool and trendy places and watch how men and women interact. It is a fun exercise to do.

5. Collect Study – Study from as many PUAs and dating coaches as you can. Just don’t read my stuff (I know it’s cool, but you also learn from others).

6. Don’t give up.

I leave you this quote from Mike Litman: “Either you are consistent or you don’t exist”.

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