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Aside from aesthetic reasons, building your neck using neck workouts has the added benefit of reducing injuries in this area if you are an athlete. Boxers and wrestlers especially train their neck. It also allows you to take a punch to the jaw better as your head will be sturdier, but try to block the punch instead of taking one.

Best Neck Workout

Here is a neck workout that you can use to build an impressive neck. It included two neck exercises, with an easier version to practice before doing the difficult version. If you are involved in heavy contact sports like MMA, boxing, wrestling, rugby, American football or you just want to look like you have pythons sticking out of your neck, try the following neck exercises.

Bridge of preliminary fighters

Lie on your back with the soles of your feet on the surface, with your hands on either side of your scalp with your toes facing your feet. Push your body away from the surface until your hips are high, with your torso plus limbs in an arch. Lay the top of the head on a flat rolled towel. This is the initial position. Now, keeping both hands and also your head touching the surface, lower your head until the muscles of the neck and upper shoulder rest on the surface. Now constantly lift your head up using only your neck muscle plus your palms.

Full fighter bridge

Lie on your back with the soles of your feet on the ground, along with your hands on either side of your skull, with your fingers pointing toward your legs. Push your body off the surface until your hips are high and your torso and limbs form an arch. Relax the top of your head on a flat rolled towel. Steadily lift both hands off the floor until only the head and feet are on the surface. Rest your arms across your chest. This will be the starting point. Now slowly lower yourself one more time using only your neck muscles and lower yourself until finally your neck and also the upper shoulder area touch the ground. Gently push up with your neck muscle to complete 1 rep.

Preliminary front bridge

Kneel on the floor with your knee joints wide apart. Lean forward, inserting your palms into the floor, and place the top of your skull in the middle of your hands. Rest your head on a thin cushion. Remove both hands, until finally all the pressure passes through the joints of the knees, shins, feet and also head. Place both hands on the back of your back. Allow your head to roll back until your nose hits the floor. Go back to the beginning, then turn your head to the right, go back to the beginning, and then turn your head to the left. Return to the starting position again and act repeatedly.

Full front bridge

Get into a wide stance with your feet more than shoulder-width apart. Bend forward at the hips, placing your hands on the surface with your skull between your hands on a narrow rolled towel. Remove both hands until, finally, only the feet and head make contact with the ground. Here is the starting position; now rotate back until your nose touches the ground. Return to the starting position and turn your head to the right. Go back to the start and turn your head to the left and return to the starting position. That’s just one rep and continue for the designated number of reps.

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