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You have heard of Rock Band and Guitar Hero for your home video game system. You may have even played one or two of those games at a friend’s house or maybe you even have one that you play at home. They’re great party games and fun for the whole family, but will they work for your workout music selection?


Finally, a game / app that will put you on the path to creating your own workout music. Have you ever had a melody stuck in your head and you’re not sure what it is or where it came from? If you don’t get that melody out of your head, are you likely to explode? Well now, grab the Voice Band iPhone app and you can turn that tune into your new favorite workout song. You don’t have to be a musician or anything, you don’t even have to be able to carry a tune.

I’ve come across a lot of really great iPhone apps, but this one puts everyone else to sleep. Voice Band takes your “singing” and turns it into instruments. The way it works is to hum the melody on your iPhone, select the instrument you want to play that melody (you can select from power chords, lead guitar, bass, two different types of synths, organ, and even drums), and then you can record your job. Put on a track, followed by another, followed by another, and very soon you will have a complete song and can even sing along with it.

Create your own workout music? Sounds too good to be true, right? It is not anymore. With Voice Band, you are the master of your workout music. Not only will it turn your voice into great instruments for parts of your song, but it will also automatically correct your pitch, so if you’re a terrible singer (I have first-hand experience with that) you can still sing into it and it sounds. perfect like the pros.

This is all very good, right, but you don’t exercise with your iPhone, so how are you going to listen to these songs, right? They have you covered there too. Once you’ve finished a song, you can email it to yourself and add it along with all your other workout music with the push of a button.

The Voice Band also gives you a metronome so you can keep time and keep the beat and also adds reverb to your voice to add something extra to your song. Don’t you think you are creative enough to create your own songs? Don’t worry, the Voice Band will let you play along with the music that’s already in your iPhone’s library. So if you’ve already uploaded your high intensity hip-hop workout playlist, you can sing Trick Daddy – Sugar and make your own remix.

If I sound excited about this app, it’s because it’s the best app I’ve come across since I started using the iPhone. It’s fun and exciting to use and let your creativity shine. It’s easy to use and you can get started with little to no musical knowledge. I recommend this app if you are an iPhone user and if not, find a friend who has an iPhone and START JAMMING today!

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