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LOL – SH – APMP – Laughing Out Loud – So loud – I almost peed my pants!

I’d put a smiley face here, but I’m currently using it to wipe away tears from a good laugh. Now sit down and let me tell you a good story. Go get a box of tissues, tears and laughter guaranteed.

Turn back time to Sunday morning and I’m enjoying my second cup of coffee, surfing the net news and my wife, the last person under 60 still reading the print newspaper, stumbled across an article by a whining reporter from ‘Postie’. .

Enter Mr. Posty writer, from the wings, this is where the story gets good. Mr. Posty’s dog ate his journalistic masterpiece, screwed it up, then the dog had the brains and balls to make Gawker happy again by garnering an additional 12,146 Post-y content-aware readers, at last count on 6 August 2009 at 9:30 am Now this fact adds real insult to injury, The Post got something unheard of for today’s newspaper publishers: fresh, new readers.

In case you haven’t heard this, every major and minor newspaper has a massively declining subscriber base, this includes The Washington Post, which is losing about 39.9% of Sunday morning ‘news’ tomorrow every year.

Our sad story continues, finally my wife hands me the newspaper and says, you should read this, it’s really pathetic. I can’t wait, I love a sad story! Wow, now Brown Cow, I just picked up the last tree with words in print and stumbled upon the “library”, to see how pitiful it has really become for Mr. Posty.

This is what Mr. Posty had to say in his well-written and pitiful response to the article, “The Death of Journalism – Gawker Edition.” It seems that Mr. Posty has been crying sadly and softly in his Sunday edition after initially and excitedly realizing that Gawker picked up the original article and, through the amazing technology of all those tubes called the Internet, reappeared as “Consultant generational”. Has the Fakest Job in America” ​​by Hamilton Nolan, 11:52 a.m. measurement except Mr. Posty.

Now, let me introduce the first thing that came to my mind after reading the three articles, this is the new online theater of the absurd: Washington Post vs. Gawker – in “Thrill in Plain Vanilla!”

What do I mean by “vanilla”? I am referring to possibly the simplest and most boring lightweight battle ever staged in print, Las Vegas or cyberspace. No reputable promoter would touch this with a ten-foot pole or Don King’s money. A true sleeper, but a good illustration of future content use battles, the legal ramifications of copyright, and a whole mess of future court battles enriching generations of future lawyers.

I ask you this question: Could there be anything more pathetic or boring than a group of middle-aged journalists based in Washington, DC, circulating semi-ratio office emails about the end of journalism in the Western world and the lifting of all their hard work? full of sweat? ? All the while secretly biting their nails, sitting in all those neat rows of tan cubicles, while worry wells up from every pore about losing their 401k, the big house on the hill, country club memberships, having to deliver the Range-Rover rented by the wife and the future prospects of UNEMPLOYMENT.

YAWN – join the real-world print news, with the rest of us! Have you been giving away your content and now you want to take back control? Is this progressive thinking coming out of this industry? How do the trees look?

Isn’t this exciting? THE THRILLER IN SIMPLE VINYL!

Now the point of my article, impression based media is dying, statistics don’t lie and especially the newspaper industry. It may be five years or maybe more, but we will see less and less media from the major newspapers. Look at the trend, content has moved into ever narrower niches geared specifically towards our individual interests and industries. Issue-based journalism is the immediate result, but it is certainly not the end result. It sure will be fun to see the result. Maybe there’s a real prize fight somewhere?

How does this affect your organization? You better take care of creating a stream of content online and connecting with a targeted, central audience or, very quickly, it will start to look a lot like The Washington Post, out of control and complaining. You may be dying and not even know it, like The Post.

See what it has led to The Washington Post, they went and hired a big copyright attorney to push for changes to the current law, hoping it will contain the crumbling and breaching levee. Like the blue boy, maybe they had better focus on creating a real solution or they’ll end up just another dying dinosaur; Check out today’s American auto industry. Dead, no matter how much of our tax dollars are funneled into the failed business model of the auto industry!

What’s new online levels the playing field by allowing your content or message to reign supreme with The Washington Post or any other mega media outlet.

In case you are crazy and the links to each article of this mythical battle:

1. Original Washington Post article – http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/08/AR2009070803986.html

2. The Gawker Article – http://gawker.com/5310986/generational-consultant-holds-americas-fakest-job

3. Last but not least: The ReButtal from The Washington Post dated 07/31/2009 and article numbered: AR2009073102476, simply type this into the search field on the Post site.

Full and complete credit given to all parties involved, link to view each full article.

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