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“Students who study in the UK choose increasingly choose student accommodations. What should we pay attention to when renting London student accommodation in London? Let’s take a look.
1. Apartment fees for overseas students in the UK
According to the latest student survey, the average monthly rent of students in the London area is relatively high, and it is the city with the highest rent in the UK, much higher than the national average. The average monthly rent in remote areas such as Belfast and Cardiff is more than £100 lower than the UK level. In short, the better the city, the closer to the economic center the rent is generally more expensive.
2. Matters needing attention in apartments for overseas students in the UK
1. Tenant Union
There are often local tenant groups or coalitions that offer advice, support, etc. to tenants. Make sure you join these groups.The larger the group, the greater are the benefits.
2. Contract Details
Tenancy contracts are often long, but this is something you can reason with your landlord, so make sure you read the entire contract carefully for any loopholes.
3. Property list
When you first move in, the landlord must provide you with a detailed inventory of the property, making sure that it includes all furniture, equipment and notes its condition.Any dissatisfaction can be raised directly with the landlord. Also, remember to take photos and send attachments to the landlord.

4. Deposit
Before you can move in, you must pay a deposit, usually 6 weeks’ rent. Make sure the landlord keeps your deposit in a safe place and gives you proof of it, which is required by law. If the landlord deducts an unreasonable deposit after the contract expires, you have the right to challenge it.
5. Agency fee
The cost of using a UK rental agency varies greatly, and the laws are also different. Therefore, before you go to the student accommodation, you must first check it out.
6. Valuables insurance
Remember to buy insurance for your valuables, such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, etc. Landlords usually do not buy these for you.
7. Landlord credit
Some landlords may scam students out of their money. Local authorities or student unions can often help students with lease signing options.Before renting, do some research online to make sure your landlord is trustworthy.
8. Privacy
If the landlord wants to inspect the apartment, he must notify the student accommodation owner at least 24 hours in advance.You have the right to refuse their entry without prior notice.
9. House energy usage
Before signing a contract, the landlord must explain to you the energy use of the house.This is very important because efficient energy usage will save you a lot of money.
10. Rights of rented students
After signing the contract, the landlord has no right to evict you without the permission of the court and a series of procedures.
The correct student accommodation process and mastery of student accommodation contract knowledge can help you successfully rent an London student accommodation.”

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