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Why Choose Wockhardt Lean Syrup

If you are looking for an awesome tasting dessert, then Wockhardt Lean Syrup is the perfect choice for you. The best part about this amazing product is that it comes in many different flavors. Each one of them has a unique taste and texture. Below are some of the best known flavors of Wockhardt syrup that you can enjoy right now.

Caramel – Wockhardt caramel syrup is a very light syrup that is full of caramel flavor. The sweetness of the caramel will remind you of caramel popcorn. It is a very pleasant syrup to drink when you are having a sweet tooth. Many customers enjoy the light caramel taste with a bowl of fruit or ice cream. This one is great for any occasion because it goes well with just about any dish.

Chocolate Caramel – This particular flavor is a light-bodied caramel flavor that is almost coffee in its feel. Many customers like the lightness of this syrup. It has a wonderful, almost fruity flavor that lingers on the palate.

Hazelnut – This one is actually one of the most popular flavors by Wockhardt. It contains a touch of nuttiness and has a very nice taste. It almost has a nutty after taste that lingers on your tongue. This is one of the more popular brands and is sold in several flavors. It is great for breakfast or an after dinner treat. You can also purchase gourmet versions which have double the amount of honey.

Over Superior Brands

Lemon – One of the best selling flavors of Wockhardt lean syrub. It contains a light lemon flavor, almost like lemons. There is a subtle hint of lemon that will not overpower the other flavors. This is a great syrup to serve when you want something light but don’t want a heavy syrup.

Blueberry – This one has a light berry taste that will tickle your taste buds. It is very light on the tongue and delicious! This is a great selling syrup and is widely available. It is sold in both syrup and powder form. You can find it at any grocery store, including Walmart. You may also order it online at many different websites.

Cinnamon – This one has a wonderful cinnamon flavor. It has a very rich cinnamon flavor that will leave your nostrils begging for more. The cinnamon scent will linger in your nostrils long after you have finished your cup. It is very rich and delicious. You can usually find this at specialty stores or you can buy it in the bulk at some supermarkets.

Hazelnut – Another favorite of many people. Wockhardt Hazelnut has a wonderful nutty flavor with a hint of hazelnuts. It is a true indulgence in the desert realm. Many have compared it to Nut-Lube.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to sugary sweets, try Wockhardt. They offer healthy alternatives and delicious sweets. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to! It is one of the best sweet options out there. Find it in many supermarkets and online.

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