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After installing Windows 8 on your system and updating it to the latest software, you must be wondering about the next step. At times like this, you need to know how to move on and learn new tips that will get you off to a good start while providing ease of use. Let’s get acquainted with six of these essential tips to get you through.

Organize your icons on the home screen

We all like an organized look of the icons on the screen, nobody likes the tiles scattered all over the screen which are also sometimes confusing. To achieve a more organized appearance on the screen, you should start by arranging the columns. This is as easy as using drag and drop, especially when it comes to dumping the icons into their corresponding groups. You also have the option to dump a group of icons together. Move the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen; click the icon that represents a dash in a box image. This will zoom out from the home screen, you can now comfortably move through the columns you want. You can also rename your columns accordingly by right clicking on a column; now select the Name Group option.

Change the home screen animation

Initially, when you log into Windows 8, a background will appear with numerous colored icons displayed from left to right. They are more like an animated display that is filled with solid colors. However, the graphics that appear when opening or closing the system are boring. So to increase the pretty factor you can apply the settings accordingly, this is how:

• Go to the Registry using regedit on your home screen

• Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion ImmersiveShell Grid

• On the right side of the Windows 8 panel, right-click

• Go to New and select DWORD

• Rename the DWORD option to Launcher_SessionLoginAnimation_OnShow

• Double click the option and set the value to 1

• You will now be greeted with a new Windows animation when opening and closing the system.

Organize rows

While you are still connected to the registry key, you can make another change. You can make one more adjustment in your system, in the rows of icons. You can make settings that will allow you to block a specified number of rows of icons that are displayed on the Home screen. This is as simple as the settings you have created for the startup animation, just create another DWORD and rename it Layout_MaximumRowCount. Now enter the row count by double clicking the icon. Remember that you can add up to 5 rows. Also, in order to apply the settings, you must restart your system.

Shortcut and access bar

If you’re not using a touchscreen device, then you know how annoying it is to use other input devices like keyboard and mouse. These get in the way of accessing menus that would otherwise be easy to reach, so why not use keyboard shortcuts? You can use commands like Windows key + H to display the Share sidebar, this will help reveal the charms bar submenus. Windows key + I to show the Settings also to shut down your PC, also if you want to show the menu, you can do it by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and the X key.

Changing the screen lock option

In fact, it is annoying when at every moment you need to log into your system as it is not a touch screen you are working with. So it is better to get rid of the lock screen option.

• Go to the Group Policy Editor by entering gpedit.msc

• Navigate to Computer Settings

• Choose administrative templates

• Go to the Control Panel and then select Personalization

• Double-click the Do not show lock screen option.

• This will enable the screen unlock functionality and then press OK to confirm the changes

Take screenshots easily

Taking a screenshot in an older version of Windows would involve several steps. With Windows 8, all of this is possible in one step:

• Windows key + Print screen, this will allow you to take a screenshot and simultaneously dump the image file in a folder called Screenshots.

All the tips given above are the six most essential and easy-to-apply tips that will get you started with Windows 8.

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