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In this article, I am going to discuss PERSISTENCE as an important aspect of the Success Motivation Matrix.

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”

“Winners never give up and those who give up never win”

You may be wondering why I started with the quotes above. I have used these quotes because they accurately describe the subject I am about to discuss.

They are all quotes/phrases that show in different ways the feeling that people have given to persistence.

Persistence is really a very important and necessary trait for success as a home based entrepreneur.

After more than two decades of my involvement in entrepreneurship as both a Serial Entrepreneur and a Coach, I see entrepreneurship as a way of life. You learn from your mistakes and try to improve on your next endeavor. Although it is possible, but it is not usual for an entrepreneur to be successful on the first try.

As a determined entrepreneur, you must develop persistence and a burning desire to succeed.

First, you develop the business idea, make your plans, and start the business.

As you progress, there will always be times when you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall. These can come in different ways: it could be that the government has just introduced a new policy that may not favor your business or a product innovation introduced by your competitor may be taking market share away from you.

The Entrepreneur may even be overwhelmed by the stock trading of the business.

At such times, you need to stay focused on your business ideas, readjusting your plans when and where necessary to take into account events unfolding in your business niche.

This is why a well-written business plan must be flexible enough to encompass any developments that may arise as business operations continue.

The ability to stay the course and maintain focus despite opposing odds is what defines PERSISTENCE.

Being persistent is the mark of a true fighter and for you to be successful as a home based business owner, you need to have a healthy dose of persistence.

Persistence is a very critical success factor for any entrepreneur. There are other necessary success factors, but persistence is definitely very important in the Success Motivation Matrix.

You must have faith in yourself and your business idea because other people may not believe in it.

This reminds me of the story of Henry Ford. Mr. Ford had failed in five business ventures before launching The Ford Motor Company, which turned out to be a huge success.

Ford also showed a lot of persistence when he wanted to develop a car with a V8 engine. His engineers told him it couldn’t be done, but Ford insisted it could be done, and each time he talked and cajoled them into going ahead with the project.

Finally, success smiled upon him and a V8-powered car was born. This was a classic case of what persistence can achieve.

In fact, history has shown that when Persistence is applied positively, all the laws of nature conspire and converge to give the Entrepreneur a breathing space.

I always encourage my trainees to have faith in their business ideas and their personal ability to make their business successful.

I believe that persistence is an attribute of success that can be learned under the right circumstances. I make my trainees understand the importance of persistence and many have gone on to succeed beyond their dreams.

As a serial entrepreneur, I strongly believe that you learn from your mistakes and failures and carry them over to the next business venture.

You don’t abandon ship just because of a bad storm experience. Instead, he builds on his experience and tries to make better decisions next time.

However, it is instructive to state that you need to know when to stop being stubborn with your Persistence and instead adjust your plans or use another approach to achieve your desired results.

Thank you for “persisting” to the end of this article.

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