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Pickup Services For Recycling Old Computers

YBC (a nationwide, U.S. veteran owned ITAD business) recycles computers for a multitude of corporations, organizations, governmental departments and schools. YBC is in its third decade of providing State DEP and Federal EPA compliant computer recycling services.

With the rapid rate of new electronic equipment being introduced and outdated technology being discarded, there is a large amount of E-Waste or electronic waste to be recycled. Oftentimes, large electronics such as televisions or monitors cannot fit into residential waste containers and must be taken to an E-Waste recycling facility. Whether you are an office looking to replace older technology or a homeowner cleaning out their basement, garage or attic, you may be wondering what the best way is to get rid of this unwanted equipment.

In addition to E-Waste recycling, many of these items can be donated to charities or second hand stores for reuse. Donating a working device is a great way to help others and will also save you the cost of disposing of it.

Do You Offer Pickup Services For Recycling Old Computers?

It’s important to know that it is illegal to dispose of CRT TVs and monitors in landfills due to the toxic chemicals and heavy metals they contain. This is why it’s critical to find an electronic waste recycling service that can provide you with a safe, environmentally friendly solution for your unwanted electronics.

There are many options for electronics disposal in Manhattan and NYC. Many manufacturers have programs in place to take back their own brands of equipment as well as other brands of products sold under their brand. These programs will usually be listed on their websites or at the point of purchase. For example, Verizon Wireless will accept cell phones and mobile hotspot devices from any carrier and Best Buy will recycle certain covered electronics including TVs.

Another option is to use a junk removal company that will take care of your unwanted electronic equipment for you. These companies are usually known for their quick response times and will handle any size job. They can even handle commercial E-Waste removal projects such as an office relocating or an entire warehouse full of equipment that has been replaced with newer technology. They can also assist with other types of trash removal such as appliances, furniture or building materials.

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