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Indian Decorative Items

Indian home decor items are a wonderful way to incorporate rich culture into your home. They often feature bright and warm colors like red, yellow and orange along with beautiful patterns and intricate designs. The vibrant colors and the traditional symbols are a reminder of India’s heritage and values. Besides, they add a touch of luxury and class to your home’s style. These indian decorative items are a must have for every Indian household.

One of the most popular elements in Indian home decor is the use of flowers. Vibrant lotus, marigold and jasmine flowers are a part of the Hindu faith and also a part of the natural landscape in India. These flowers are used in prayers, rituals and also as a decoration in many homes. They are also a symbol of love and affection.

Similarly, terracotta flower pots are another common element in Indian home decor. These are often hand painted with henna designs and are ideal for storing potpourri or fresh flowers. Moreover, they add a beautiful aesthetic to the space and are also a great gift for someone special.

Indian Decorative Items – A Must-Have For Your Home

Statues of gods and goddesses are an important part of Indian home decor. They symbolize good luck and offer a spiritual vibe to the home. This brass Ganesha statue is a perfect buy as it not only offers an authentic look but also brings in a cultural aspect to your space.

Another must-have is the om sign which is an important part of yoga and meditation. This wall art poster comes in white and black colours and is a perfect addition to your space. You can hang it in your bedroom, office or even your meditation area to bring in a positive energy.

Baaya Design is a platform that preserves traditional art by making it relevant to the contemporary world. Their range of products includes trays, candle holders, coasters, lanterns and figurines. Founded by NID alumna Shibani Jain, the brand works on a unique concept of combining tradition with modern functionality. Their pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisans and narrate the story of an ancient practice.

The artisanal and ethnic designs are a great choice for any type of interiors, from classic to contemporary. These Indian-inspired items are a wonderful way to incorporate culture into your home and can be passed down generations.

Indian art is a blend of several different cultures from various regions in the country. The art is also inspired by a variety of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Its influences also include regional folklore and the traditions of various communities. This diversity is what makes Indian home decor so unique.

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