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Many pregnant women and mothers of young babies begin to think about finding a career that gives them the opportunity to earn decent money while being flexible enough to spend time with the baby. And real estate seems to combine that potential for big commission checks with flexible hours. But can you really juggle the demands of motherhood and a real estate deal?

If you’re pregnant or just had a baby, you’re in luck! It is a good time to start a real estate business. While you’re pregnant, you have some time to devote to your licensing education and finding a broker. By the time she has her baby, she’ll be ready to start looking for clients.

But if you have a small baby (or two), you’re still in luck! Most normal human beings LOVE babies. Especially cute babies who aren’t too fussy. If you have a baby that isn’t walking yet, then you have a marketing strategy wrapped up in a baby blanket!

Once the license is out of the way and you’ve found a broker, you can hit the ground running and start finding clients. You can easily find customers with your baby in tow, from the mall to the grocery store to mommy groups. So some of your prospecting can be done while you go about your daily mommy routine. And you can also take your little one to the realtor’s office on those days when you need to drop off papers, make copies, or do other office tasks.

Once you start working with clients, you can’t get away with bringing a baby to every appointment. Especially on buyer’s appointments where you’re showing multiple properties, it can be a bit arduous to carry a baby with you as you open safes, pull out keys, unlock doors, and show off homes you may never have walked by before.

Not to mention, a really cute baby can sometimes be the wrong distraction… you want your clients to buy a house, not drool over how cute your child is. Therefore, you should use your common sense as to when you can include your baby in any aspect of your real estate deal.

In these cases, you will want to have someone in line to care for your baby. If you have family or friends nearby who can care for your baby at short notice, that’s ideal. But if you need to make other arrangements, plan ahead. You need to know what to do when you have that demanding client who needs to meet with you in a short time.

Baby naps are a great time to seek out new real estate clients or make phone calls to your current clients. You can research online, create marketing materials, return emails, and more.

Can real estate be a big deal for moms of young babies? Definitely! Much of your real estate business can be worked on with your baby while traveling. Few other industries are as mom-friendly as real estate.

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