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Install a Flower Wall

When creating a flower wall for an event, the goal is to create a beautiful backdrop that can complement the style of the celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or another special occasion, a floral wall is an excellent way to add elegance and beauty to any venue. A florist can help with choosing the best flowers to fit your design goals and can assist with the creation of a gorgeous floral wall.

A flower wall can be made with real or artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are often the preferred option for a flower wall because they don’t require water and won’t wilt. They’re also a safer choice than using fresh flowers because they don’t pose a health risk to guests. If you decide to use real flowers for your flowers wall, make sure that they have been properly hydrated before assembling them on the wall.

You will need a large piece of foam board and a variety of flowers to create your floral wall. Depending on the size of your venue, you may also need sand or other fillers to give your floral arrangement weight and structure. Lastly, you will need some form of support to hang your flower wall. You can use a metal frame, a screen, or a piece of plywood.

How to Install a Flower Wall

Begin by placing the base of your flower wall. Using a pencil, mark the spot on the wall where you plan to attach your flower board. This will help you keep your flower wall straight and evenly spaced. Once you’re finished with this, it’s time to start taping your flowers on the wall! It’s best to start at the top and work your way down, alternating between different colors. This will ensure that your flower wall is colorful and symmetrical.

As you continue working, make sure that each row of flowers is a little bit wider than the previous one. This will make sure that your floral arrangement is full and that you don’t run out of flowers too soon. Additionally, you should be careful not to place the flowers too close together because they will look crowded and unorganized.

To make your floral wall look more realistic, consider adding a variety of greenery to the mix. This can help make the flower wall appear larger and more lush, and it can also be used to connect the flowers together and create an organic look. For example, you can add eucalyptus to your flower wall for a more modern design or leather fern for a rustic theme.

Once you’ve added the greenery to your arrangement, it’s time to add in the flowers. Be sure to select a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to create a vibrant and eye-catching display. Try to include some flowers with contrasting textures, as well, to give your flower wall a more dimensional and interesting look.

Once you’ve added all of the flowers to your arrangement, it’s time to finish it up! Using zip ties, secure the flower board to your supporting structure. Then, use command strips or similar Velcro hanging pieces to attach the flower board to your wall.

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