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Some companies that offer cleaning services will refer to your business as office maintenance services because all your business does is clean the offices. This can include dentists, doctors, real estate, lawyers, and other practices. The people who work in these offices are generally too busy to do office maintenance except to keep the break room clean. This is where these types of cleaning services are needed. The employees of these companies will ensure that the offices are clean and ready for the next day’s activities. Offices need to be kept clean for health reasons and to make sure they make a good impression on your clients every day. When you work for a cleaning service that performs office maintenance, you will generally work five days a week at night after the offices have closed for the day. The hours you would work depend on when the office closes. If it is a small office, there is usually one person who does the cleaning and they can clean two offices per night.

When doing your work you will do general cleaning tasks such as:

• Empty all trash shoes

• Vacuuming

• Clean the computer monitor

• Cleaning and restocking the bathroom, including cleaning the toilet, sinks, and mirrors.

• Mopping tile floors

• Cleaning of the employee break room

Depending on the type of office you are cleaning, there may be other jobs you do. In addition to the daily cleaning services, there may be other office maintenance tasks that you will do less frequently. For example, many times the office manager will want the windows to be kept clean, especially the ones that passersby see every day. While cleaning your office, you may need to clean the windows on the inside, but the outside can be done before the office opens for the day. This can be done once a week or even twice a week. The cleaning service you work for may have a special team that only takes care of window cleaning, so you can work one morning cleaning windows. For some offices, this is a crucial part of office cleaning.

When you read the description of office maintenance and necessary jobs, you may think that working for a cleaning service is an easy job, but it is not always easy. If you have two or three offices that you are assigned to clean each night, you need to have a schedule and stick to it so that you finish on time. There is also the strain on the arms from pushing, bending, and reaching while dusting and cleaning. It is important that you are in good physical shape.

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