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When it comes to presentations, PowerPoint can be considered the go-to software. However, those looking for presentation software may not be aware of other available platforms. Despite all the benefits PowerPoint has to offer, it may have a few things that disappoint you. For example, some of the clipart and graphics used can be considered a bit dated.

Prezi is known as “zoom” presentation software because of its zoomed user interface and can be considered a bit more dynamic than PowerPoint because of this. A presentation can be placed on a virtual canvas for all to see, but its zoom capabilities mean that a certain area can be explored in more detail. To better understand how this works, users should research how Google Maps works. The user can see a map of the whole world on one screen, however if you want to see a certain country or street in more detail, just zoom in to get a more detailed view.

Many may choose to use PowerPoint assuming it is free, but this is unfortunately not the case. While it is true that it comes bundled with some desktop PCs, if a user does not have Microsoft Office installed then it can be an expensive affair.

Prezi software is free as long as you are happy to have your presentations made public.

There are more options available when it comes to who can view your presentation, but there may be a premium involved. That said, if you want to invest in such software, you will find that you have a lot more to offer with your presentation using Prezi instead of PowerPoint.

Prezi makes a presentation more fluid and aesthetically pleasing. Many find PowerPoint presentations a bit boring and outdated. This can be attributed to the visual elements available, combined with people who only understand how to use certain functions within PowerPoint. Because it was created to meet a number of different needs, it makes the overall product a bit more difficult to use.

Prezi can be seen as the preferred option thanks to its easy-to-use software as it can be accessed through several different devices due to its being web-based.

Users can also edit their presentations with other team members in real time, ensuring those important edits are made without delay. The map metaphor and non-linear navigation is also preferable compared to what PowerPoint offers.

Those who have used PowerPoint in the past for their presentations may be a bit tired of switching providers at this stage. But it’s worth searching Prezi for a simpler alternative, offering a more professional-looking presentation. Of course, Prezi can get a bit overwhelming when first used, but its short learning curve means that most users will be able to use the software in a short amount of time.

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