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In this article on becoming a DJ, we will be discussing some of the ways one can become a DJ. Being a DJ is a really fun job to be involved in. For one, the social life is pretty awesome! I know because I am a DJ myself. I have been asked to play in different clubs and I have been able to travel and experience many things thanks to being a DJ.

So, as you can imagine, DJing is an enticing thing to get into. But many people who start DJing want to know a popular question… and that question is this… How do I become a DJ? Below are his three tips on how to become a DJ.

1. Learn to DJ… correctly.

One of the most obvious fundamentals to becoming a DJ is of course…learning to program your music and entertain an audience. It is also important to learn and understand how to control DJ equipment. This could be learning how to use vinyl turntables, CD players, or laptop software. These are the popular ways to interpret your music. Choose one that you prefer to use and learn how to use it correctly.

2. What is your musical style?

It is important for you as a DJ to develop your own personal style of music. This way, when people come to see your show, they will have a good idea about the type of music you play! Your goal is to entertain a crowd with the right music. You want to appeal to a certain niche of music lovers. Once you master this, you’ll be known as the DJ who plays rock, soul, hip hop, house, or whatever music you play to a crowd.

3. Get out there…

When you have covered the above tasks as a DJ, you should “get out”. What I mean by this is that you need to record a DJ set and paste it onto tape, CD or whatever platform you want to use. The reason for this is that you now have a product where you can promote your crowd/audience or a Radio DJ or Club Promoter. These are the contacts you need to aim and hunt, so to speak.

For example, if you play Hip-hop music, then you need to go to the hip-hop clubs in your area and “give away” free CDs to the promoters of the club, punters who are in the club, etc… not everyone. he’ll hear your mix, but if you’re persistent, which you have to be… your luck will kick in and at some point you’ll have a chance to play to a crowd.

There you have it… these are basically the 3 things you need to develop as a DJ. Continue to follow these steps and you will be successful. You just need to be persistent with it, that’s all. I wish you the best of luck with that!

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