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Trekking is one of those adventure activities that requires a lot of patience and energy. This is especially true for multi-day trekking trips, such as the Pindari Glacier trek. However, despite its exhaustive nature, trekking can be very refreshing and fun if the participants follow the basic rules and love the company of nature. Also, you need to know some other basic but vital information listed below, to fully enjoy the trek to the famous Himalayan Glacier.

Mobile Network Availability: Most people today rely heavily on mobile devices to stay connected with the world and expect to do the same while enjoying the Pindari trek. However, participants should understand that while they will be able to get a strong signal from all service providers up to Bageshwar, the trek’s base camp, the signal gradually weakens as they proceed towards Loharkhet. From then on, only BSNL users can catch the signal and that too is possible only for a few hours a day after reaching Kharkiya and Khati. However, in an emergency, a satellite phone can be used to make calls.

Accommodation availability: Participants should ensure that they bring a warm sleeping bag with them to use in places where they have to camp overnight. In general, places like Loharkhet, Dwali, Phurkiya and Khati have lodges and cabins in the forest where participants can spend the night. However, it is important to confirm the availability of these accommodations during the proposed travel time, with the local guide to avoid last minute hassles.

Transportation Availability: For people who don’t want to undertake the full trek up Pindari Glacier, finding local transportation to your convenient starting point can be a bit difficult. Although they can take a shared jeep from Bhageshwar to Song and from Song to Loharkhet, finding transportation for the onward journey is really difficult and therefore proper arrangements must be made for the same well in advance.

Availability of electricity: The absence of electricity in the regions beyond Bhageshwar should not surprise the participants. However, the local people in Loharkhet, Kharkiya, Khati and other camps rely on solar energy to generate electricity to run the things they need. Participants can also recharge their mobile phones, cameras and batteries at a price during their stay at these campsites. However, it is important to understand that this expense is not included in the estimated cost of the Pindari Glacier trek offered by most tour operators.

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