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Looking for something exciting to do in Idaho, USA? Then Shoshone Falls can do the trick! This spectacular natural attraction is definitely the highlight for anyone going along the Snake River, which stretches for more than 1,000 miles. Shoshone never fails to impress with a height of 212 feet and a width of 900 feet. Shoshone is actually taller than the famous Niagara Falls, which is why it is often referred to as the “Niagara of the West”.

Located in an area of ​​the park, Shoshone Falls got its name from the Native American tribe that historically inhabited the area. It was not until the early 20th century that Shoshone was developed for hydroelectric purposes. This was also the time when the falls received the most national interest and frequent comparisons to Niagara. Over the years, some individual parts of the falls, particularly the upper levels, received individual names. These levels are where the flow of water splits into small pillar-shaped islands. Level names include The Brides Maid, The Bridal Veil, The Sentinel, and The Two Graces.

The ideal time to visit Shoshone Falls is from spring to early summer, when the snow melts and a large amount of water runs through the giant rocks and gorges that adorn the Shoshone. This is truly a magical sight that is worth the trip! As summer progresses and fall arrives, the water decreases due to the diversion of irrigation from the Snake River. But if you really can’t make it during the spring, keep in mind that Shoshone remains a worthwhile destination year-round due to its enormity and natural beauty.

Shoshone Falls Park is located in the South Central Region of Idaho; and the town of Twin Falls, which is about 3 miles to the east, is the main entrance to the falls. The Twin Falls city government is also the governing body that operates the falls, as well as the nearby Lake Complex. There is no regular public transportation that goes directly to the park area; therefore, driving a rented vehicle is the best way to get here.

There is a $ 3 entrance fee per car that visitors must pay before entering the park. But if you plan to visit Shoshone multiple times, you can also get a $ 25 season pass, which can be purchased at the Parks and Recreation Department building, at the park box office, and at Twin Falls City Hall.

If you forget to bring some snacks and drinks, the park offers a food stand and a drinking fountain. It is also equipped with restrooms, a visitor information office and a gift shop. Apart from the natural beauty of Shoshone, you can also enjoy some of the recreational facilities installed in the park. Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy tackling several trails, some of which lead to the edge of a canyon that offers exceptional views of the waterfalls.

Families visiting with young children can have a fun time on the designated playgrounds. There are 11 grills and tables available for those who wish to combine their visit to the waterfall with a festive picnic. To cap off an enjoyable and memorable day at Shoshone Falls Park, consider taking a scenic boat tour of the mighty Snake River. Be sure to bring your camera for some memorable photos.

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