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If you are like most pet owners, you probably pamper your pet, filling it with love and affection. So when you go on vacation, you’ll want to stay in a pet-friendly accommodation that offers special amenities for both of you. Y your pet.

No matter what type of vacation you are planning, Virginia is an incredible destination. Many of the accommodations not only welcome your pet, but also treat it like a guest and provide special benefits for pets. Plus, the staff is more than happy to recommend places you and your dog can go together, making your vacation even more special. Although there are many pet-friendly lodging options in Virginia, the following are just a few accommodations where the staff loves pets as much as you and treats them like part of the family.

Sandbridge Realty Vacation Rentals: Offering the perfect family vacation getaway, Sandbridge Realty manages 43 pet-friendly and dog-friendly rental homes in Sandbridge Beach, located in the southern part of Virginia Beach. (Sorry, but cats are not allowed). When you register your pet-friendly vacation home, your dog will receive complimentary bowls. The staff can also recommend local dog parks where you and your dog can run and play.

Hopkins Ordinary Bed & Breakfast – Located in Sperryville, this pet-friendly bed and breakfast Inn welcomes pets at the Garden Cottage. When you sign up, your furry companion will receive complimentary pet bowls. Feel free to ask the staff about walking routes that allow pets. Not only can they provide maps of the area, but they can also suggest the most scenic areas and customize a route for your dog.

Bed and Breakfast in Holladay – This pet-friendly bed and breakfast inn, located in the city of Orange, welcomes pets in the Garden Room. Upon check-in, your dog or cat will receive a welcome basket, which includes bowls, treats and a toy. If you love taking your dog everywhere, you’re in luck. Visit the wineries, which allow you to bring your dog. (Staff provide free passes to the winery.) Or stop by one of the outdoor dog-friendly restaurants.

Washington Suites Alexandria – Located minutes from Old Town Alexandria, this hotel allows pets in designated suites. You’ll feel right at home in these accommodations, which offer plenty of space for even the largest dog. Cook your pet’s favorite foods in the fully equipped kitchen. Walk your dog in designated areas of the hotel or ask staff to recommend local dog parks. Visit Old Town Alexandria and relax in a dog-friendly restaurant in the outdoor dining area.

Iris Inn – Located in Waynesboro and overlooking the Shenandoah Valley from the top of a 12-acre Blue Ridge Mountain, this pet-friendly shelter welcomes dogs at Deep Woods Cottage and Garden Path Cottage. (Sorry, but cats are not allowed). You and your dog can relax in these spacious rooms and enjoy the beautiful wooded surroundings. Explore downtown Waynesboro, which offers dog-walking areas, or visit some of the dog-friendly wineries and breweries.

Stay suites – Located in Hopewell, this pet-friendly hotel offers your pet lots of love and makes him feel right at home. When you register, your dog or cat will receive complimentary toys. The staff also love to hand out treats. (Your pet probably doesn’t mind.) You can walk your dog in the designated pet-allowed areas on the hotel property. But be sure to also ask the staff to recommend local dog parks so your dog can run and play.

For more information on these and other pet-friendly accommodations in Virginia, visit TripsWithPets.com. You want to be pampered when you are on vacation, so choose an accommodation that also offers special services for your pet. After all, a vacation is a getaway for the whole family, including your four-legged family member.

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