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“Pitfalls of renting an apartment in the UK – unprotected deposits

Before signing a contract, you should know what your landlord is using to secure your deposit and get a certificate from your landlord to confirm that your deposit is protected to avoid future disputes.

Pitfalls of renting a property in the UK – fake landlords

There are some Leeds student accommodation property adverts that will entice people with super low prices and then ask for payment before viewing the property.

The pitfalls of renting a property in the UK – repeated credit assessment fees

The average agent charges around £100 for a credit check. Some agents will ask students to pay a higher fee and sometimes ask students to view many properties in order to do more credit checks.

The pitfalls of renting an apartment in the UK – non-refundable fees

Some agents will charge a fee in advance, but if the landlord doesn’t rent the property to you, the agent will not refund the fee. So you should pay the agent’s fee when you are sure you can rent the student accommodation Leeds property.”

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