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At the very moment when the hundred great spaceships consolidated into a confederation, they left their planet, the details of the disaster still lurking in the background, a great terrible disturbance was about to take place and wipe out the planet’s atmosphere, it was going to the various species on the planet the most serious alarm its star-sun was about to explode, from within, it had lost its gravitational control, its mass exploded, and this caused gravity to distort, and all the planets within that solar system drifted into intergalactic space, and like the dead sun, as it approached the galaxy’s black hole, gravity around the edge of the hole swallowed the sun and the planets it dragged with it. For space travelers, the end was near a long time ago, and it was too late to wait for more. This caused a ripple in time and space, a gravitational wave that would tear its way through the universe.

Knowing the exact location of Earth and being 144 billion miles from Earth, they set a course in its direction, at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second), as fast as GW. Spaceships writhed among the mountains of debris, the gratitude of this colossus star bursting at its seams, also causing Earth’s moon to shift its axis by six degrees, after a gradual wobble, to where it covered the sun, and displacing the poles somewhat; at an earlier date, it had shifted its axis thirty-five degrees, to where it was before the most recent shift. Thus, this allowed the planet to have more daylight.

These inhabitants knew of the earth and the thick atmospheres of the earth, they would stop between Mars and Jupiter, landing inside the asteroid belt, on Ceres, in the Occator crater, thinking that the ships could find water inside their reservoirs, knowing the remains of brackish, ice water was available. To them it was just a means of understanding the chemistry to extract it, and they knew this pretty well thanks to their large telescopes on space platforms that once circled their solar system. And who were they, these species from the great outer space? This is part of the Great Conspiracy.

This breed took their ancestral bones with them; they were a long-lived race, with a lifespan of up to 10,000 years while on their planet, but this would be greatly reduced on Earth, and they would eventually become Pacific islanders (and due to natural habitat from Earth, their life expectancy would be reduced to 250 years), and they would bury their ancestral bones throughout the global world, for the times to come, when men called anthropologists and archaeologists would search for them, calling them the missing link, or trying to fill An empty space. over time, thus their ancestors became the product of the deviation of man, thinking that these tribal bones were part of their ancestors and ancestors; what fools they could be, it was for this species a mockery at its best.

Consequently, the bones would be found in caves, as they would mix and settle with humanity, in settlements around the world, their ancestors would be called: Neanderthals, or Cro-Magnon, or even proto-Neanderthals, Homo Heidelbergensis.

As far as they knew, the human race was a newer race, with smaller brains. Eventually, in 26,000 years, man would still carry a slightly older strand of nuclear DNA from them, 3% or 4% of humanity, and they too would change. And yet, a vast majority of this race that had several species belonging to it, would live in underwater structures yet to be built, and in and under the ice caps of Antarctica, and within rangers around the world, without being seen. They would call their greatest era the Paleolithic, and the Mesolithic era, and then the modern era of man. His history went back to grandfather Homo erectus, for his race went back two million years; human being who has less than 20,000 years of history, thinking they have 500,000 years behind them, was part of the conspiracy, a naive legacy they had built over a period of two hundred years, and now they believed as they did that they were the center of the universe; but let them believe that it was the motto of the Great Race that had invaded the earth.

Legends would surround this hidden race, as it would be called: Mu and Limeira, Atlantis, etc. Some would even speculate that they built, or helped build, Great Zimbabwe, and helped build Egypt’s Great Pyramids, and its 10,000-year-old Sphinx, and even Stonehenge. But had they? This was part of the conspiracy.

The flight took ten days with a one-day layover on Ceres for ice and water.

This race had a variety of nondescript beings, one can only speculate as: gorgon, lamia, and leopard; she-demon, and female snake-vampire, and perhaps something more of a normality for some of them not so different from humanity; Of those 100 spacecraft that landed on earth, there was quite a variety. Many went their own ways. Underwater cities were built; because when they landed on earth there was no mood for advice among them, but a new confederation had to be formed and maintained minus one of the many connected races, eagerly, to mess up the entire planet, so they made a pack, in case any If they break it, he or she, or the entire species of that race among races, would be quickly seized. And there was among them only one race that could unmistakably take human form, and this race was tall, slender, with dark robes, fillet-cut black hair, almost expressionless aquiline face, and to the modern ethnologist’s eye, they looked more like a Redskin; but after 10,000 years of racial variation they had joined the cultural stream of humanity, had become round-headed (brachycephalic) more than they had been before (instead of: dolichocephalic or long-headed). This took, for the head only: 2500 years to develop. Before this, their long head was so pronounced that it resembled a cone, and by the 21st century, if they had kept that long head, it would have been a fashion completely unrelated to anything man had ever seen.

This new and old race even fashioned a kinesthetic quality into them, of step and poise, and they held their heads high, and held the conviction that they would one day rule the world, but as it was in the beginning, they were among the savagery of mankind; but in time they felt that all men would be directly or indirectly a product of their civilization; so this race felt instinctively. However, the conspiracy, which civilization created this plot? What do you think of that?

What would a big lie matter in the history of generations, through centuries and centuries, dragged into the full light of truth, once it took over, could humanity say “fraud” no, simply lost in a sea of you were like a grain of sand in the ocean! The real, original human being would have definitely disappeared, well, not all of them, but they would still rule, and the man so disproportionately could never be put together again. What were they waiting for? Maybe, when the man can’t take it anymore. Give the man excess, he is nothing more than an imbecile he grabs it! Even if they haven’t figured it out yet. Don’t say anything, to avoid laughter, like politicians do. Ultimately, it’s still a question of dodging who they really are, and you’re contemplating this now, shouldn’t you prick the conspiracy balloon?

And if they didn’t yell, “Lossy humans, we are…! And we’re here to stay and rule them!” There is no humanitarian spirit in this for them, it is a manifesto that exposes them and the oppression they have felt for approximately 12,500 years. What they don’t want is: for everyone to run away in convulsions as if the devil were chasing them. They also don’t want others to flee to cafes and hide, or jabber indignantly. Therefore, to reveal to all eyes who they are is to break the wax figure they had made of and for themselves. On the other hand, how long can the alliance last as they formed it eons ago, a defense system? It was also breaking. And who would rule where?

Was humanity deceived? They believe they are free, protected from the outside worlds. “However, who are we…”, they say, “because here we are!” Not goats, not pharaohs, not kings, not yet of course! But some feel that they are serving the creatures.

Written on 03-26-2016

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