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IDAC CO., LTD offers many room escape games for iPhone / iPod / iPad. Many of them are free and all offer a challenge that fans of the genre crave.

One small annoyance that is common to all IDAC games is that they are linear all the way. You must do everything in order. And the game must be absolutely sure that you saw all the clues before it allows you to solve the corresponding puzzle. This can lead to a great deal of frustrated tapping. But as you play more of their games, you get used to this and are more aware of it. Thus, you learn to play the games the way they intend, and it becomes less frustrating and more enjoyable.

IDAC has an app in the app store that is quite unique. It’s called AppNavi and you can play free room escape games like Escape Game: “A Cold and Deserted House” through it. When you complete one, you submit your score and earn points. As you accumulate more points, you can redeem them for more games. This means that you can play many free games.

In addition, IDAC offers some of its games as individual applications for download from the application store. Some cost money but others are free. They also link to AppNavi, so you can submit your scores to earn points. Here are some notable games that offer a good challenge:

Strange House, Dangerous Luxury Liner, Prank House and Snow White are their only 3D games. They look much more professional than 2D games, but still suffer from the same gameplay glitches. They are still fun to play and full of great challenges.

The closed drift chamber offers a unique environment on a ship. Your ship was attacked by pirates and now you must return to shore and escape. The riddles are logical and don’t require a lot of guessing.

The Mystery of the Abandoned Factory is quite a challenging game, but doable nonetheless. You have to combine items together, then take them apart again, combine them with other items, and sometimes even destroy the items to use them. This means that most of the items you find have multiple uses, so this game will take a while to complete. However, it is a lot of fun.

Meddling Shogi Player is a challenge for anyone unfamiliar with the rules of the Shogi game. But the movements of each piece are explained, so you won’t be completely lost. It’s one of their most difficult games, but if you stick with it, it can be quite a satisfying experience.

An Uninspired Man and An Odd Game are two more noteworthy games. An uninspired man is a bit frustrating because you really need to explore every corner of the room, even the places you didn’t know you could explore. It’s a challenging game, but the puzzles are great and it’s a fun experience. An Odd Game is not that great, but it is worth playing. As his name suggests, he is the only one of the group. Your clues are hidden in dolls and paper cranes fly!

There are plenty of other great room escape games from IDAC, and you could spend a lot of time checking all of them. See if you can do it on your own! But if not, you can read some of the tutorials on my site.

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