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Preconception Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a very potent exercise that has been proven to increase the overall health and well being of a pregnant woman. Yoga promotes deep breathing and meditation while strengthening the heart and increasing oxygen levels within the body. This allows pregnant women to get in tune with their bodies as they are taking care of their precious baby inside them. They learn how to relax their muscles, which allows them to reduce the muscle tensions and spasms commonly associated with pregnancy. And with these relaxing and relieving qualities comes mental clarity which further aids in the mental, physical and emotional well being of a woman.

Most people associate prenatal yoga with sitting and resting in the pose. While this is the most common form of yoga, there are several forms of it that can be done during the course of labor. Some of the prenatal yoga poses are as follows:

Yoga Alliance Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

This is called prenatal chair pose. The ideal way to perform this pose is with the help of an instructor. The basic idea behind this pose is to keep the body strong and supple. Keep your back straight, chest upright, head up and watch the flowing movements of your upper torso.

What Is Prenatal Yoga Streaming?

This is the basic prenatal yoga position. This position is done while lying on the floor with one leg on each elbow and the other leg on the same knee. The hips are kept apart and both of your hands are placed on either side of the lower spine with the palms on the floor. Keep the knees slightly bent, breathe deeply and let your body feel the stretching.

In this prenatal yoga pose, you lie down flat on your back with your feet up. Your lower back is supported on blocks. You need to make sure that your entire body is relaxed with your mind and soul peaceful. Lift your buttocks off the floor and breathe deeply. As you are breathing, slowly bring the left foot towards your left shoulder, this will help in increasing blood flow to your uterus and this in turn would reduce pain and inflammation in your abdomen.

As you do the prenatal yoga positions for the first time, you might feel a bit unsteady on your feet. Do not worry. As you keep practicing these positions, you will surely find your body balance improved and your flexibility as well. In fact, this is also a great time to bond with your child. By practicing yoga, you will also be able to improve your concentration and memory capabilities, just like other moms who have been nursing.

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