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Malta is a small island state in Europe, in the middle of the Mediterranean and is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans, mainly from the UK, Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands. Tourists visit the island for a variety of reasons and the island offers a variety of facets that will appeal to most types of travellers. This article gives you the top 10 reasons why booking a trip to Malta is a great idea, not just for the upcoming summer holiday season, but all year long!

10. Language and money in Malta

The Maltese have their own language (‘Maltese’), but the country has two official languages, with the second official language being English. Malta was under British rule for 160 years, gaining independence in 1964, but left the Maltese with a relatively strong grasp of the English language, although Maltese is much more widely spoken and is the mother tongue of the vast majority of Maltese. For English-speaking tourists, this means that communication is hardly a problem, which is definitely a benefit when on vacation. Although the Maltese lira remains the only valid currency for the time being, the euro will be introduced on January 1, 2008 and many retailers in tourist areas already accept euros as cash payment.

9. Sports and leisure activities

Malta is an ideal location for a variety of sports, including hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, windsurfing, and sailing. Lots of activities to keep you entertained, no matter the time of year. Most of the materials needed for these sports can be rented cheaply and there are several places on the islands where these sports can be practiced. Gozo is a particularly popular place for rock climbing, thanks to its sheer cliffs, and mountain biking, thanks to its quiet roads and excellent hill climbs.

Events such as pop music concerts and theater shows, but also historical re-enactments such as In Guardia are popular with tourists and locals alike and provide great entertainment for the whole family. Are you a fan of watching sports? Don’t worry about missing any big games or events – satellite reception is heavily used by the more popular pubs and there are plenty of snacks and beer to enjoy your favorite sports.

8. Getting around Malta is easy and cheap!

Don’t you hate when you go on vacation and it takes you ages to get to the beach or visit some cities, museums? Don’t you hate it when it takes you a whole day to do an excursion, when you spend so much time traveling from one place to another that it makes you wonder if it was worth the trouble? If your answer is yes, then Malta is definitely the holiday destination for you. It takes less than an hour to get from one side of the island to the other and there is such a high concentration of places of interest, beaches, resorts and entertainment venues (restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, etc.), that you will wish you would have known before about Malta!

Many tourists decide to visit Malta for a second time and sometimes more, simply because there is so much to do and see, and it takes very little money and time to get around and have a quality vacation.

7. Gozo offers a tranquil setting for your summer vacation

Malta is not just about Malta. Yes, that’s right, the Republic of Malta also covers Gozo, which is Malta’s sister island and is said to be the island that used to be Malta long ago: rural, quiet and unspoiled. Gozo is a great place for a quiet holiday (with the family or as a couple), with beautiful beaches and views of the countryside. Visit the capital, Victoria, with its Citadel at its center, a fortified part of town that used to offer Gozoians shelter from foreign invaders, similar to the walls surrounding Mdina on the main island of Malta. The coastal town of Xlendi is a popular tourist destination that offers a beautiful view of its bay surrounded by high cliffs. Ramla l-Hamla and San Blas Bay are beautiful beaches to go swimming, one is bigger and more crowded, the other is more isolated and harder to get to (down a steep hill), but it’s worth the effort.

Recently, a bus service has become available that takes you directly from the airport to the ferries at the northern tip of the island of Malta, making arrangements for a Gozo holiday a little easier to plan.

6. Malta has a rich culture and heritage

Over the centuries, the Maltese islands have seen various foreign rulers come and go, and have left their mark on Maltese culture. As a result, Malta is steeped in culture and heritage and offers a wealth of cultural and historical sites within very short distances of each other, making Malta a unique place on the world culture and heritage map. Remains of the Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Arab, Turkish, French and English invaders can still be found in both Maltese language and culture and this melting pot of cultures is of interest to many tourists who visit the Maltese islands on holiday.

5. Good quality hotels and accommodation

Good quality hotels and self-catering apartments are widely available at very reasonable prices. Package deals are usually the way to go, but if booked separately the cost versus quality of accommodation is very good. The main resort areas are St. Julian’s, Bugibba/Qawra and Sliema, all of which are located in the northern part of Malta. Staying in St. Julian’s is recommended if you like to spend your nights out but, being close to the center of Malta’s nightlife, it is not recommended for couples and families looking for peace and serenity. For those travelers, places like Mellieha and St. Paul’s Bay are much better places to stay.

4. Malta is a year-round destination

A flight from London to Malta takes less than three hours, but the difference in weather is huge. Mild winters and warm summers with an average temperature of 32°C mean excellent weather for both hot summer holidays and winter breaks to escape the cold back home. There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout the year and, for example, hiking is a popular way to spend days in the countryside in winter, enjoying the scenery and serenity. Most places of cultural and historical interest are open all year round and although the outdoor clubs do not open during the winter months, nightlife in Malta continues throughout the year.

3. Malta offers great nightlife to complement your daily activities

Nights out in the city are a lot of fun as Malta is home to a true clubbing hub that goes by the name of Paceville (St. Julian’s) offering a plethora of clubs that are literally door to door and playing different genders. of music for all tastes. The open-air clubs, however, are what makes clubbing in Malta quite special. Spending the balmy summer nights dancing to the latest club and trance anthems or smooth R&B and hiphop beats under the stars is something else and a must do on your holiday in Malta.

2. Holidays in Malta now come with cheap flights

That’s right, low cost airlines have found Malta and offer very cheap flights to the island out of the high season and regular cheap flights in summer. These airlines offer flights from a select number of locations in Europe, including London, Dublin, Barcelona, ​​Oslo, Stockholm, Pisa (Italy), and Bremen (Germany). Look out for airlines like Ryanair, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Clickair, but don’t forget to check out Malta’s national carrier, Air Malta, which regularly offers low-cost flights to a much larger number of European destinations.

1. Malta offers more than any other Mediterranean destination

It could be said that the main reason for visiting Malta is a combination of all the other reasons listed above – there are so many different things you can do while on holiday in Malta and you will never get bored if you get the right information. Sunbathing on the beach is great for unwinding after a long year of work or school, but most people would prefer to add a little variety to their vacation time. So if you want to go somewhere other than the beach, why not visit the island’s many attractions? Visit the old capital city of Mdina, for example, surrounded by bastions and brimming with history and an atmosphere you will never forget. Why not take a trip to the sister island of Gozo, with its serene views of the countryside and attractions such as the Azure Window, a rock formation sculpted by the sea?

Nights will never be boring when you know where to go. There are plenty of options when it comes to dining out, as quality restaurants can be found in most parts of the island. Wine bars and pubs are also popular in Malta, offering quality wines and local and international lagers, beers, and various popular brands of spirits. There are plenty of opportunities for clubbing and the open air clubs and parties are a must if the club is your ideal night out.

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